Monday, September 22, 2008

A new toy from a warehouse sale

How'd you feel if you can only bake 10 50-sen size cookies at a time? I would really get impatient. But that's all I could do with a small oven or people may just call it a toaster. And it is not even mine, my sister-in-law lend it to me knowing I love baking more than she does. So when I designed the kitchen cabinet, I lovingly included a cabinet meant for a build-in oven. Not on the floor of course as we have small kids, but the high one.

And it stayed empty for more than two years. Well, for storage I put junks in there. I didn't know that I could be so reluctant to buy, maybe due to the price, or the the thought that I would not be doing that much baking after all.

Until hubby gave me this idea of getting something from a warehouse sale. He wanted a freezer as he believed we needed that more than anything else. I said I wanted a big fridge with a huge freezer as I could bring our small fridge to my office. We just don't have enough space for both.

Not having the experience, I was sceptical about electronic appliances from a warehouse sale. And the first sight that greeted me that day was quite sad. I mean things that are supposed to cost thousands just lying on the floor in torn and dirty polystyrine...some were broken.

I took some time to observe though, and it was just a surprise that without much expectation the two-year wait would finally be over. I saw a family hovering over an oven, I moved closer, I heard they were was a Rubine and it has a dent at the back. The sales man turned to me, we exchanged only a few words and I found myself saying "Yes!". He was surprised with my fast decision and further reduced RM50 off the price.

We also bought a dented 5 liter thermo-pot for RM90, and a deep-fryer for RM150. We didn't get the fridge as nothing suited me. Anyway, I thought it was enough for a day. Hubby sulked as I didn't agree on the freezer.
Now, I have an oven that can take 3 huge baking trays at a time. Once inside the cabinet, the dent is no longer visible. I'm still sceptical of the performance but since it comes with a year-warranty, I just hope it will serve us well. So far it warmed two frozen pizza nicely;).
And more importantly, at RM1050 think I can't complain much, right? The sales guy admitted later that he got the price wrong, it was supposed to be RM1300. He showed me the price tag of another unit that had no taker (as there were no accesories). He got it mixed-up with another model that comes with 5 functions, ours with 7. Well, I guess it was my lucky day.
Not very sure of the price difference of the Rubine but I saw one Elba that I'd been eyeing in the shop, RM1999 went for RM950 at the sale. The freezer, also an Elba went from RM1300 to RM850.
Now time to get huge baking trays before embarking on raya cookies project;).


Blogger zan said...

wow good bargain! may i ask where is the warehouse sale...been eyeing for Ariston tapi mahal sgt lah pulak...

care to share?

4:21 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Zan...the one we went is at Taman Usaha Ehsan, Kepong but it is over yesterday la. But now we know that area got a lot of factories and we saw another two sales that day.
I'm hooked already, next time I will share if got sale again.

5:04 PM  
Blogger zan said...

*pout* huk hukhuk...

i think yours is really really good bargain with 7 functions wowww! *envious mode*

same like you, i've been letting my empty space covered with cob web for quite sometime...didn't want to spend a bomb on it, so hv been looking hi n low for a good one.

let me know if there are similar warehouse sales ya ;)

1:49 PM  
Anonymous lyzaghazali said...

envy envy envy ... and one more envy ...enuf said on your oven....

I think getting a fridge with a large freezer compartment is a fantastic idea ... The normal freezer which opens from the top is not so practical (IMO) especially when ppl like me, who are not so tall, have to dig out stuff from the bottom of the freezer. Food tends to get left for years sebab either dah terlupa or malas dan tak larat nak ambil. Having said that, my mum bought a huge standing freezer (stand alone) which has 6 drawers some 15 years ago, Elect*o*ux, which is very practical but I don't see them being sold anymore ...

Happy fridge hunting ....

6:14 AM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Zan, I just found the website that regularly lists out warehouse sales event in M'sia...pretty cool.

I was talking about standing freezer ok! The one that opens from the top is out already.
The Elba is similar to your mom's. They're selling RM1399 at Harvey Norman and Jusco. Go check it out...didn't buy that day as I believed we just don't have the nyesal pun ada as that was a huge price difference. Tak boleh dapat tmpat lain la. Anyway, I think I still want a fridge with huge freezer and it must be at the bottom, not top;). Bu definitely will wait for another sale...I'm getting all my electric appliances from warehouse sale from now on!

6:36 AM  
Blogger mumsgather said...

Hahaha. If I ever get an oven, it'll mostly be used to warm up food as well.

Just coming over to wish you and your family Selamat Hari Raya. :)

9:43 AM  
Blogger Moo mommy said...

Ok, in Klang Valley really can find very very good warehouse whole sale la. The lastest one in Kepong - kids cloths. In RM1! I amin Ipoh/Penang, mana adaleh...

10:02 AM  
Anonymous mrs b said...

wa, i didnt see a proper oven that day, just saw some elba 20-42l types, that also i was tempted to get. but wasnt looking around much cos B was waiting in the car. How much is the original?

6:58 PM  
Anonymous lilian said...

Ros, Selamat Hari Raya to you and family. Had been so tied up kepoh-ing around until now baru come by to wish you. Dodol ada lagi ke?

Eh, that is exactly the kind of oven that I had been hankering for. Want to buy, tak jadi buy, then, kempunan and want to buy again....You know lah, so big, I takut beli dah, tak pakai.Seronok kah, skali bake cookies, one batch dah cukup.

7:01 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Thanks MG.

moo mommy...that sale you talked about was very near also, but we thought that's enough for the day. Next time I can buy for u la...

Mrs're there too? I have not seen a Rubine in a shop yet, so don't know. But looking at other brand, must be at least 2k wan!

Lil...thanks Lil, we don't do dodol la...leceh sangat summore no body really likes it at my kampung.
About the oven...yes! Seronk you, can bake cookies in 3 trays one go!

6:19 PM  

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