Monday, September 15, 2008

What's in the bunjut?

A reader asked here what goes into the 'bunjut'. She is in the States and hope to make her own 'bunjut';). I suspected she googled sup bunjut and found my entry;). I was surprised to see that she has a nice and serious (not like mine) foodblog.

Well, as I myself know only roughly what's in there, I opened up one, took pics before and after, and lovingly tied it up back.

So Zarina, here goes...I hope you will read this...

I could see all spices had been coursely grinded

And now all the things inside

Easy, peasy... I'm sure you can find all that.

I know some of the spices come ready to cook in the form of powder but since I cook for kids, I don't want to have the taste to be too strong. And some people also love having some spices outside the 'bunjut'. I also try to avoid this as I love the taste and aroma of them but I would go "Yikes...!" whenever I bite or accidently chew them, especially star anise.

Anyway, good luck Zarina!


Blogger D said...

a little tiny tot mention of you in my blog - hop over!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Zarina said...

Oh my GAWD!!! mamabeas! You actually did ALL that just for me???? *blush* Ahh...thank you thank you....I feel soooo a loss for words! *wink* Now that I know what goes into that little bundle of joy to the soup, I can make my own! Yay!!!

2:01 PM  

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