Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some updates on the wee one and new PAX in the living

During my last check-up with the gynea two weeks ago, the doc said he would not worry about the kidney unless the size was more than 10 mm. Previous scan showed 3.6 on the right and 5.6 left. So what the doc said was already a relief to me.

And today, the scan showed the leftie shrunk to 4.7. So that's normal. Alhamdulillah. And everything else looks good, he (YES....we saw it again, confirmed hehe) weighs 990 g. A thorough scan again by the sonographer. Can even see a magnified image of the heart, can clearly see the 4 chambers pumping blood. Amazing!

With a broad smile, I rushed back home as two guys from Ikea were at my door already. Hubby agreed to only 1/2 of my idea of getting a new wardrobe, only those to be fixed in the living not bedroom. I bought two 50cm PAX wardrobe on Friday, had them delivered in the evening but was told by the management that they would not allow any works after 5 pm. I was a bit mad, I understand that applies only for renovation. I mean "How loud can fixing some PAX can be?". Anyway, agreed to have them done today.

I always love the idea of both me and hubby sweating over fixing Ikea stuffs together BUT he is not really keen doing it with 4 little 'helpers'. Well he also has a number of other excuses. So, I opt for assembly by those guys all the time, and do it without the kids around.

I fell in love with a combination of Expedit and PAX (with Drammen door) that I saw at the showroom and planned to have it at home too. We already have Expedit TV stand.

Here's some ideas to Ikea fans out there. I have Antonius wire baskets (10 units) on the frames, which are still functional. However Antonius is supposed to be hidden;), and I figured out that 50cm PAX is just right. So, here's the pics:
Sorry about the mess first, will sort it out later. I got the heavily-discounted-but-still-look-brand-new Drammen doors from the As Is.

The right one is strictly for hanging clothes, I have two railings in there. The left one is for hiding the Antonius

Antonius is ok for storage but it can't really stand too much weight. Our tall frame got wobbly after some time and I began to hate it. But I didn't know that with the hinges on the PAX (that I overlooked when I measured to see if Antonius can fit in it), I have a really tight fit that there is no room for them to wobble...hehe. That's a bonus I got today. They are a lot cheaper compared to wooden Komplement drawer or even the wire basket.

I also wanted to hide a pipe meant for aircond installation. Thought of assembling the PAX without the back panel. One of the guys said it can be dangerous as the PAX won't be stabil, but he suggested to make a hole for the pipe. Nice!

That's some of our clothes in the living. The Antonius is for occasionally changed/used stuffs like cussion covers, bedsheets and towels or things for guests. Anyway, with the door I really don't mind that. We are trying to have more space in our master bedroom now as we, the parents (and the little boy...yes we've been sleeping in the girls' room, pathetic isn't?) are slowly moving in there. There won't be any more space for even a tiny baby in girls' room when he arrives.

I purposely don't fix handles as to avoid tiny hands to open and close the doors frequently. We will see if the wardrobe need anti-topple fittings and I will also finish them off with two child door locks, and finally add some lightings. Dunno when that's (esp. the lighting) going to happen but first I got to get back to the office and later fetch the kids!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this idea --sofhib

5:03 PM  
Blogger Wannabe Supermom said...

LOL.Nice to see that you are still the hardcore Ikea buff Ros. It has been awhile since I last visited your blog. How are you and the kids? So another baby in the oven huh? Good for you! I had my 3rd 3month ago. Anyway, looking fwd to your next postings and good idea on the handleless concept...I think I'll opt for one too...especially on the fridge to deter me from opening and shutting the fridge looking for munchies. Need to lose weight! LOl

2:33 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

sofhib...apa lagi, tiru aje la!

Hey Linda, congrats on your new baby...so surprised to see you here. How's life abroad...must be fun! I keep reminding myself to visit your blog again!

5:42 PM  
Blogger chanelwong said...

wow very nice Ros...

3:09 PM  

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