Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something to boost my motivation a bit!

I had a lunchbreak with a few ex-classmates today. They brought their colleague who is considering to do a Masters under my supervision for some discussion. We talked about old times and laughed a lot, something I rarely do now.

I could not help it but to share with them my experience as an educator now and compared to what we had during our days. It was just great, but later I returned to my work and resumed marking students test sheets.

I felt like crying sometimes, other times I laughed out loud at their craps! I took time to really consider if some deserve some marks. I got down to the level of no matter about their understanding of the subject, as long as they have the same words from the powerpoint slides...that's good enough! I heard teachers do that in primary school...I mean not from powerpoint but they use certain 'keywords' for certain subjects. The creavity of the way the students think or even answers in their own words are not considered.

Anyway, I finished marking already. My motivation is low and I need something before I kick off again.

During my conversation with my friends, I shared with them something that happened during my presentation for my PhD. We do that besides the viva.

The viva and presentation were almost only for formality as we already received reports from all the examiners that already awarded me the PhD with minimal corrections. Just after I finished answering questions from the floor, people stood up and applauded and began to congratulate me. It was just great (think I'm going to cry now...funny I didn't do it then!).

One of the lady lecturers (now colleague) announced that I was the FIRST female who ever finished a PhD in this department. An at the moment I'm the ONLY one, I think (must look at the statistic again to confirm)! Besides a few before my time, we had one candidate but she didn't finish and had to start a new project due to some reasons. One colleague is still working at it now, and we also have one foreign candidate at the moment. Two other lady lecturers obtained their PhD in the UK.

The announcement kind of surprised other people in the hall, there was a pause and later some nodded in agreement. They went "Ya la...woww!". I hanya mampu tersengih like kerang busuk;).

Well again, I'm the ONLY female that obtained a PhD in all 53 years in the history of the department. Well I do not intend to be the only one for long...I must push those who are still working on it to finish fast.

Now I'm wondering ....er don't they give out award for such achievement. Ok better don't dream, got to get back to work!


Anonymous Fuzzy said...

that's pretty cool. i've always believed in remembering positive things about ourselves just to keep going sometimes. wish i can remember one for myself now...heading for a slump. sigh...

8:15 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Fuzzy...yeah, make a list la...and stare at it!

4:58 PM  

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