Friday, April 03, 2009

I love Fridays even more now!

I normally hate crowd in malls but I love watching working ladies talking and laughing over their lunches on Friday, maybe with colleagues and friends. The long lunchtime is always the right time to catch up with friends to most working moms, and to do quick shopping.

But to me it is completely different. Previously it meant more time at the playground in the kindy, as I allowed the kids to play as long as they wished. Later, longer time at the babysitter's with them.

Once I was driving with them to the babysitter's, and there was Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" on the radio. All of us sang that out loud together, that felt so good even I did that with a bunch of 4-6 year olds...but it just occured to me "What am I doing?, it's Friday lunchtime...why didn't I make arragement to have some catching up with with friends over lunch somewhere in one of the malls".

And it just ended there....I found it really hard to do just that!

And now Bea1 finishes KAFA at 1030 and starts school at 2.10 pm, the new routine is we would fetch the other two girls from kindy at about 11 am and it's girls timeout!

And you may guess means a trip to Ikea for almost every week now. Well we did Ikea every week before this, but normally at night after work. Can't afford to do that now as Bea1 must be in bed early.

We even do grocery shopping together during Friday lunchtime. That also means we almost stop doing outing to malls during the weekend now. I like that as I just hate weekend crowd.

Since I have no class in the morning for the past a few weeks, both Bea1 and I even manage to be home. If I have urgent work, I just do in the comfort of home sweet home. Alhamdulillah for the short distance again!

Today, I managed to do some housechores while she helped a bit. Later we fetched the two girls and brought them to the office. An ex-student was throwing a thank-you party for lunch. The girls were the only kids there but they were so excited and had so much fun running around, making the party more lively. Since there was no routine trip to Ikea, I brought them to the campus bookstore. Normally I just brought Bea1.

The younger two were so excited with the newly arrived books of Barbie's Mariposa. While Bea1 just could not decide on what to get, everything looked good to her. She just wanted to sit there and read but it was almost school time. They finally settled on a number of books that cost me almost RM100. I keep having the image of their anticipation on their faces, of being home with the new books on my mind!

My girls now eagerly wait for Fridays. And I'm still finding ways to do more catching up with friends. Managed to belanja an old friend yesterday at...of course Ikea again (to take a peek at their Bedroom Week Sale, that's why I do not mind for no Ikea today hehe). Can't do that often, though.

Well, I just stick to phonecalls for the time being. Get to fetch Bea1 now...have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, IKEA just 15mins from your place. Less time spend in the car more time spend at IKEA. --sofhib

6:31 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Time with the kids lebih berkualiti di Ikea..hehe!

4:58 PM  

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