Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Counting down.... the birth of our 5th baby, I realise more and more that time just passes us so fast. I wonder if I have enjoyed this pregnancy to the fullest, being always busy running around the other 4 rascals.

According to LMP, my due date is 10th (I feel jittery whenever it comes to mind), the first few scans when the baby was only a bud estimated 25th, 26th but the one done around 10 weeks, said to be the most accurate gave 20th. The docs agreed to follow that.

But even with that, I have never had 3 EDD before...and they are quite far apart. What to do, listen to the docs, it is 20th then.

I've also never been so unprepared before. In early Monday morning, I had some contraction, no specific intervals but it was a long, worrying kind of thing. In between sleep, I thought I might give birth at home as it was just too early to disturb the babysitter.

But it's gone when I was up. I decided to take the Tuesday off.

First I went to my regular ob/gy, bringing with me a reference letter from UMMC. She was surprised to see me (or rather my tummy). The last time I saw her was when she suggested D&C for the miscarriage and I asked her to give me a reference letter as I wanted to do it in UMMC to save some money.
She was flipping my files when I explained everything. I miscarried naturally eventually and didn't do D&C. Had only a period and that's it.

She laughed and said "Kalau dah subur tu, tak sempat nak buat apa-apa".

At this late stage, scan would only show the growth of the baby and we just stick to the 20th dateline. She said she would not be around from 6th to 11th, and I said it didn't matter. If the baby decides to be early, I will think of other plan. Being a mom 5th time surely makes me cool somehow.

It's not a good pic, but it's baby's face, he looks like he's sucking thumb. He also looks good and big, to me. Already 2.88 kg while I only gained 10 kg so far, enough to finally reach my ideal weight. Judging from the previous pregnancies, 70% of it will be gone a week after the baby's out. The rest will stay as breastmilk!

After the check-up, I went shopping baby stuffs, finally. Cheap but good stuffs definitely. After moving around the Curve, I have decided FOS is fine with me. I bought 3 long (1 for Adel, can't let him feel left out right?;)) and two short rompers for RM40. Good material and I can't see any defect. Love them! Got some Barbie shirts at 70% off for each of the girl too. Followed by a baby blanket. A little over RM100 gave me 10 items, this is the kind of shopping that I like!

To me, each new baby must have everything new at least when she/he returns from the hospital. But we have too many caps, mittens and booties that I just don't feel like buying them anymore, plus after a while we don't use them anymore. We have one set (of all the 3) that we used on all the kids at the hospital, and new baby will have that too. It is a routine now;)

Later, I did what I like most...moving aimlessly in Ikea alone, had my favourite Baked Salmon dish. So happy that they are having it now, normally only in Dec. I had that 5 times then. I just had my sweetest time alone, but I admit I missed the kids too.

I want to do a little bit more shopping if we have the time but in the meantime, I'm relieved at least baby won't have hand-downs from Adel as his first clothes.

Even with the 5th, the look at this rompers melt my heart. I don't know I was just attracted to yellow this time.

I have a lot of things to do still, hopefully before baby's out:
1. SIL's wedding this weekend
2. A conference on Mon and Tue. I will be presenting a paper. Hubby asked why I must have a presentation very near my due dates all the time. Told him, I committed myself after getting the first due date;).
I will dig in the hotel food as much as I can before my long, boring with lots of grilled fish (and only grilled fish for the first two weeks) diet confinement.
3. Spring cleaning for the apartment, and re-organise the kitchen. Off course I will get two helpers for this, hopefully next week
4. Continue writing for papers as much as I can
5. Bake as much as I can
6. Eventhough I planned to take early leave (as it is allowed now), think I will continue working till I pop

..and off course, the normal activities with the kids esp. now its school holidays.

Updated on Friday

I've been having brownish discharge or mucus plug. Suspen sungguh....still hoping baby's out at least after the wedding or the akad nikad as hubby will be the wali. It's 2 hours drive from kampung to the hospital. I can plead a colaborator to do the presentation for me at the conference. The rest can always wait.

I'll be bringing two cakes to kampung

The first is for the hantaran, and definitely not my own work hehe. It is from Lyza. The second is German Choc Cake that I baked yesterday.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous lyza said...

Uuuuiiitttssss ...cepatnya upload ...!!!

Be prepared, I think you will be due anytime already .... all the best ..:)

Ur German Choc Cake looks yummy .. atas dia tu apa ek????

4:28 PM  
Anonymous mrs b said...

take care ya, and enjoy yr break with the children. the blue cake is so exquisite, must chk out lyza's site

5:45 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Lyza...I wrote the drafts already, waiting for your delivary only lah.
I tried cake tu sbb curious ngan frosting dia: roasted kelapa parut+pecan ngan butter, milk. Cake tu pulak ada buttermilk...I love everything with buttermilk in it. Cake I tak menjadi sangat sbb takde cake flour tapi boleh makan la...frosting memang sedap. Kalau nak recipe google je German Chocolate cake.

mrs b...thanks, I try to enjoy every bit of time with them now in betwen braxton hicks contraction;).

8:03 PM  

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