Saturday, June 06, 2009

Baby decided no kenduri for me!

And definitely bye-bye to the conference too!

Besides having mucus plug twice on Wednesday night and Friday morning, I had mild contractions in different intensity (of pain) but still manageable.

We were supposed to balik kampung in the Friday evening but I was not really sure about that. But I was moving around getting ready, and also cleaning up. Between 8-9 pm, I had contractions at rather constant intervals.

We loaded everything in the car as if balik kampung was still on, but I told hubby I was not really sure. I suggested we jst drove to the hospital to have someone have a look.

I was strapped to monitor the contractions at 11 pm while hubby and kids waiting in the car. At 11.30, the vaginal exam was done and the nurse gave the ultimatum "No kenduri for me!" as I was already 3 cm dilated.

I was told my ob/gy will still be around till tomorrow afternoon so she will attending to me.

I felt really guilty when I called the babysitter. She was so surprised as I didn't give her any clue that it was going to be this early but she would definitely take all 4 kids to spend the night at her place.

Hubby sent them there and got home to fetch my things while I was being admitted. He was here for awhile and now is out to get some food.

Being in labour is no fun, I'm having it every 10 minutes now, again of different intensty but more painful than what I had at home.

And I miss the kids, esp. Adel. This is the first night that he is away from me. I hope everything is ok there.

I tried to go to sleep but I just can't and decided to blog;). The only available room is 4-bedded and it is full. The staffs are moving in and out bringing babies to their moms for breastfeeding.

My parents are on the way from my kampung to originally attend the wedding;). I just pray that it is going to be fast.

I want to have my baby to be safely in my arms, see my other kids again fast, hopefully can be discharged tomorrow. And hubby still have the time to attend the akad. He told me that even he is the wali, it is ok if he is not there as the matters are all settled earlier but I feel bad if that happens.

The kenduri is on Sunday. I don't mind if I have to stay here longer and letting hubby and kids be in kampung the whole day. Adel will be ok with his papa. We will see what's the best thing to do.

For now, I must concentrate on my new baby. Been telling him I can't wait to see him and praying hard that everything will be smooth.

I can't believe that I'm blogging in labour. I had planned to bring back the laptop to kampung to prepare for the presentation and asked hubby to bring it to the ward.

I hope to be back with some pics soon;).


Anonymous lyza said...

OMG Ros ..... I m reading this together with DH ... lagi mau tanya tadi ... HAhahahahahaha ... udah nak beghanak dah ... alhamdulillah ... hope everything will go well ...I pun tumpang excited juga .... take care, dear ... (teran jangan tak teran ..:P) .....

3:49 AM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Oi tak tidur lagi ke? Tunggu masa nk teran la ni...nervous juga walaupun dah no 5.

3:57 AM  
Anonymous lyza said...

Apanya ...tido kul 5.30 ...!!

Congratulations on your fifth child ....... sunny side up pun tak palah ...asalkan dah selamat .... u're such a strong woman u ... Amira couldn't believe that u have already given birth ..tadi she was kinda confused ..she said ..".but Mommy, perut Aunty Ros kena tunggu besar dulu baru boleh nak give birth ..!!" ..go figure Ros ...I think your tummy macam my 4 month kut ... (yg sepatutnya tak nampak apa2 ..HAHAHAHHAHAH .....

take care and as usual ...doa for a smooth brestfeeding journey ..

btw ...did ur DH go for the wedding ...??

12:40 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Yes Lyza, your cake on the way to Sg Besar now. Selamat juga kek exquisite u tu. Hubby balik ngan all 4 kids, hopefully petang sikit my parents datang. Nasib baik ada laptop and net...kalau tidak lagi mati kutu.
Observant betul our Amira ya!
Tapi u pun pandai ya...suruh I teran, sejam lebih I dok teran sampai rasa give-up dah, even dah 8 cm buka. Doc datang baru cakap muka dia ngadap depan, lepas kena vakum baru lepas...ada rasa seik sikit la u

2:25 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Sori...your Amira not our
serik bukan seik;)

2:27 PM  
Blogger Wannabe Supermom said...

How exciting! This is my favourite part about having kids. No matter how mant kids you've had, meeting the new baby for the first time is truly exciting. It's the moment u fall in love all over again. Good luck! Can't wait to see the pics!

3:30 PM  
Anonymous lilian said...

ROS!!!! You macam relekssssss aje...Congrats lah! And you are truly the super5xmom.

3:57 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

linda...could not agree more!

lil...releks u kata, baca my birth story n judge i releks ke tak

11:44 PM  

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