Thursday, May 28, 2009

Simple cuppies, but they kept me awake till 3 am

I hope you can read "Happy Teachers Day" on first look. I only got to know about the Teacher's Day party today at the kindy, and tried to make do with whatever I have in the kitchen.

Thought of making mini cupcakes but I run out of the mini cups. Then later I forgot that I don't have a container (or box) big enough to have all the letters nicely arranged.

I planned for something fast and simple. Everything was easy except for getting the alphabets done. The instructions sound so simple. Just could not get the fondant to be very thinly rolled. I need more gadgets, maybe. Arghh...if I have more gadgets, I would spend more time baking...and less time for other thing. Dilemma!

Anyway, I hope Bea2 and Bea3 will be happy with them. Just a little extra than just thanks to the teachers tomorrow. Yeah I know I need a lot of improvement, but this is only the second time I play around with the fondant. Besides I never claimed this is a food blog;).

Tomorrow will be a busy day, hubby will be away for most part of the day leaving me without the car, Open Day for both Bea1's schools , piles to do at the office, feeling jittery as I have a feeling new baby will make his appearance sooner that the due date and I just hope I won't get too exhausted due to lack of sleep.

My motivation is hubby and I (YESSSSS...alone!) will catch the Terminator after work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done..ur touch on cuppies is more better than before..err wanna catch Terminator eh? Me too...together with hubby and BIL & his wife tonite..enjoy yea...

k e

8:20 AM  

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