Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doing it the 5th time around

I mean expressing breastmilk so that I could continue giving the best food to my baby while I'm away. And that includes stocking up, a lot of sterilising, fighting for space in the freezer, worrying about not enough stock and a lot of expressing-and-nursing simultaneously.

Actually I got tired when I even think about it. And it is almost like a must that I do it as long as I can. In my case till I got pregnant again, or till it actually hurts my boobs to keep on expressing.

That's why, with new pregnancies, I felt a bit relieved that I have a reason to get some 'rest' before doing it all over again in about a year's time.

And I must talk a lot about it too. Thought hubby normally does not really listen to my ramblings. I was surprised one day when he said, he told a female colleague who just got a newborn, that she needed stimulation to get the milk out. I quoted him "You need stimulation...get anyone to do it for you!". I almost yelled "Hey!!!...not just anyone la...the baby, of course!".

The moment I heard anyone having challenges to express, I'd volunteer to help, even to strangers. Breastfeeding and expressing consultation for free;). Not to say I'm an expert but hey, I'm doing it for the 5th time!

I used to have storage in plastic bottles, later thanks to a mom for her brilliant idea, I used ice-cream plastic bags. Now, thanks to Chanel, I have proper storage in breastmilk bags.

With Atef, I started leaving him at the babysitter's when I have about 60 oz in the freezer. During Ramadhan, I cut down on expressing due to just being plain lazy. At one time I had zero, yilek, zilch stock. Now I have about 9 oz and I'm working on to build that up.

Fortunately, I don't need a lot of stock as I see my baby during lunch (or anytime I like when I got no class and urgent matters;)). And it's me who make my own schedule for trips etc. Lovely job, I have here;).

I only use one breastpump for all 5 kids. I only changed the main body once as it cracked. Overall, so far I only spent about RM400 for it. RM400 to feed 5 kids for over a year each. Tell me which husband/father would not get proud of that;).

I know most of you may have heard and read about this over and over;). But in case, young moms are here and need help, just give me a holler. Or just find extensive explanation in, a place we the experts used to hang out;).

Tiring, yes but any mom would keep on doing it for their babies. It is like having to read Peter and Jane series over and over. Thought I would puke doing it the second time (with Bea2 now) but seeing her got so excited with her new 'skill' is all worth it. Thought of just leaving it to the teachers but it is a routine now that she must plonk herself besides me before bedtime, with P&J in her hand.

And this is the healthy breastfed baby, doing some acrobatics!


Blogger chanelwong said...

Keep it up ...Well done.........

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my AI flower petal now yellow-ish :(. --sofhib

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just curious, when i had my first baby, only managed to breastfed him for one and a half month due to the mat leave, the breast swelled and hurt like hell (painful than toothache i swear ). Must be of the sudden halt. I wonder how u could paused for a while and resumed as u like. I can't control mine. Had it even during showers. Have to wait till its over then only continue taking bath.Regards!

2:29 AM  
Blogger Redbabe said...

all i can say is... wow! Keep up the good work. I'll surely learn a tip or two here when my turn comes.

10:11 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Thanks masih pump?

sofhib...petal takpa, jangan body crack sudah.

Anon...I don't really get you question. I did reduce pumping during ramadhan, but at this stage I guess my body has adjusted to the baby's need. Yes, in the first few weeks moms may have painful engorgement maybe due to what I call ravaging hormones;). We just need to release by expressing bit by bit, and keep on nursing until our body adjusts to the demand. A lot of moms experience that and it's quite normal.
And expressing when I'm pregnant can be painful as in my case, not much milk being produced. So I'm happy to take some rest.
Hope I answer your Q, please just ask if you want to know more.

Redbabe...I'm glad to hear that from you. As much as I think breastfeeding is not that hard these days, I'm surprised to know a lot of moms are still not exposed to the right ways of doing it.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous suzaida said...

give tips the best breast pump product (and the accesories- nipple shield, breast pad etc) in the market at this moment..yg long lasting, hygenic, easy to assemble and use etc..

dah 5 months, so nk survey2 the market dulu brg2 babies b4 go on shopping spree..:-)

12:59 PM  

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