Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A lil bit of this and that

For an Ikea freak like me, I feel happy just to walk aimlessly around the showhouse even without any purchase. But I feel happier if I return with a few flat-packs;).

November 19th is the first day of year-end/Christmas sale. And I must have their Baked Salmon dish and a peaceful meal alone. I went there just and only for that, but I had this delivered the next day!

No, not the kiddos but the Mamut cot!

Well, that's not our first cot. We had a playpen that we used as a cot. I hate it after a while as when the bed is at the lower height, the baby does not get good air circulation. It was never my idea to get it, it's hubby's! The girls used it for a while and we just left it in our old house when we moved. Now, I'm so glad that sister-in-law asked for it. I'm sure she will hate it too haha!

I'd been eyeing cots in Ikea but Mamut looks the sturdiest of all. Think Atef can use it till he is at least 3 years old. Adel is happy with an extendable bed, also from Ikea but it's a discontinued product now.
It was a surprise purchase as I found it in the As Is, heavily discounted for almost invisible few chips. I just love As Is!

I could just dismantle it and drive it in the MPV but I'm not very keen on re-assembled it at home. Was too lazy for that! And since I hate paying RM65 for the delivery charge for only one thing, I threw in a few more stuffs.

When I first designed the cabinets for the kitchen, I left a part of the wall bare as I just could not find a cooker hood that suited me, and I was not sure of the design. I had forgotten that I purchased a hood at a Teka warehouse sale a few months ago.

And I had this installed on Monday. We were not allowed to hack wall for ducting but we purposely designed the grille to have some space for that. Before this, we had only a ventilation fan, a small one that does not work well for my heavy oily cooking. Hubby just pulled the ducting above the cabinets and attached it's end to the fan with some modifications. So we have two ventilation systems now, the air from the hood is further driven out by the fan. And the hood has 1200 m3 suction power. I'm not sure if you can imagine it, but it looks ugly and that's why no pic is taken of that. And I will always try not to look up.
That's how hubby does it, functional but ugly DIY. It's ok to me, as long as a man can do some DIY, it's good enough;). And I'm not going to spend more on cabinets to hide it.

I wanted some color, that's why the Applad orange door. But now I have 3 colors, orange for the new horizontal cabinets and the beech worktop, white for the other new cabinet and now yellowish (due to accumulation of oil and dust) old doors. The good thing about Ikea is, for slightly over RM1k, I could change new doors for the entire kitchen....but, I'd wait for that. Sabar, sabar...

While I'm excited about my kitchen, I'm a bit worried that Atef is not feeling well. Think he caught the bug from Bea3, who had only slight fever and cough. I never exprienced any kid that get sick at this young age. I drove to an A&E at 5am on Monday. His temperature goes up every 8 hours. Last night it went up to 39.1 degrees C. Off to the A&E again as I also could not distinguish noisy breathing (due to phlegm) or wheezing. The doc said he would be fine but asked to return if the breathing gets noisier and if I detected wheezing. I talked to the doc with my eyes closed as I was just so sleepy. Returned home at 1.30 am.

Today, I just spent the day with the boys. Hubby sent the girls to the kindy for Children's Day party and he's off for golf *rolls eyes*.

Atef's temperature still fluctuates but he looks a lot better today. He is having a good time that mama would jump at his slightest squeal *sigh*. I had to cancel a fieldtrip yesterday and Alhamdulillah for the postdoc and Masters students, at least I got something done today in the office.

And finally, I would like to share with you that we've just had our first bloom in the house. After 3 dead plants here and a few others in the old place, hubby said I should give up already. But a few weeks ago, Bea1 and Bea2 persuaded me to get some mini-roses, yes also from Ikea. I thought it would wither away with the falling flowers but no, I saw some buds. And yesterday, one of them opened up nicely....lovely! I just have to keep it alive.

Thanks for reading;) and happy holiday!


Anonymous yatie said...

IKEA freak like me jugak...
btw the the mamut... ok tak? nanti boleh turun bawah tak...

planning to buy for next baby...FYI kak I'm pregnant... last pregnant is a girl which the birthdate a day after bea3... i still remember

7:59 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Yatie...congrats! Go buy the pink one if it's a girl...cuter that the blue!

Mammut is the heaviest among Ikea cots. I like that. But I just found out about the material used. If other Mammut is mostly plastic, the cot is fibreboard. Actually the 'coating' is only paper. I saw another one in the As Is, which has bigger chips and paper torn and revealed the ugly board. If you have kids yang gatal tangan, after a while, once they find out chips and started to tear...habis la your cot!
That's the disadvantage, yes it can also be turned into junior bed when bed at the lower height and one of sides removed.
At the moment, I kasi can pada Adel to use it...very good and sturdy even for a boisterous two-year-old!

11:08 AM  

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