Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What I got myself into today!

I have a journalist friend who has been bugging to make a story out of me for years. Stories of a lady geologist, a mother, a breastfeeding mom, a blogger mom, stories from my work/research. Most of the time she wanted to put pics of me and the kids. My excuses are "Tak mau la glamor2 ni!", "You can find someone better", "I can't let reporters write about my research before a proper publication", "Husband tak bagi la..." or anything you can think of;).

Today, she was just desperate and needed someone to do some cooking demo. And I couldn't think straight and had ran out of excuses. So, in between work, fetching/sending Bea1 from/to schools, I had her and a photographer at our home. I mentioned that I have access of eggwhites in the fridge and a Pavlova was what I made

It was kind of amusing that for someone like me who normally just 'campak-campak' stuffs when I cook, was told to act for the camera. And it was really time-consuming.
It was only the second time I did Pavlova and I'm still experimenting. Anyway, my friend said ok as long as it looks good. And I think it can still be improved.

I love everything with cream on, so as the kids. And now, it's Pavlova no more;)

This is how it looks before the attack!

Pics are those from my camera only. The demo will be out in an insert of a major daily next week, according to my friend. For all that I did, it's better be published, or else my friend sure kena...*evil laugh*

And regarding what I wrote earlier, I was just being frank and casually said that I just envy my colleague (muka tak malu hehe). Earlier, another professor also suggested that I should go too. The lord replied and wrote this:

I noticed that the Air Asia flight last Saturday was only about 60% full. If you feel like a bit of winter?s chill, you could try for a late cheap ticket and join the tea-party at the House of Lords !

He either can read my mind, or also thinks it would be once-in-a-lifetime experience for people like me or reads my blog *shudder*.

Hubby would let me go but very reluctantly, and he just killed it off by reminding me it's Eid's time. Anyway, at the temperature of 2 C I couldn't think properly in Bristol, and was in delirious state at -8 in Budapest. So, I will continue trying to avoid winter.

Some other time, maybe!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

err...may i know who is that kaypoh journalist whos insist u to cooked for her write-up eh...??


3:43 PM  
Blogger Moo mommy said...

What is attracting me - the Pavlola. hehe...

Me... anytime feel hungry only due to breastfeeding. A very good excuse not to on diet, LOL!

BTW, my mother-in-law was Manchuria that's why my kid had big eyes gene.

2:57 PM  

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