Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm green with envy!

And the green is the greenest of green!

I have been running around with my colleague, the PhD student this past few days. And that also means putting other important things on hold. She is preparing her trip to London and Leiden next week for a month, and due to some urgent matters, I have to be on my toes getting things done too for her.

She will be working in the British Natural History Museum and Museum Naturalis in both cities, with the British lord (who managed to her grants for this trip), and I just received a forwarded email. The lord just came out with a programme of part of her stay there.

To be able to work with people in the museums is enough to make me green and in between the work in the museums, I saw "Tea in the House of Lords...". To me, that could be once in a lifetime experience!

And luckily for her, kids are big enough and can be trusted to be left with the husband. But I'm sure they would miss their mom. And I will be making more samperit, that they really like. Hope it would cheer them up a bit before the mother leaves. The mom has asked me for the recipe twice but I'm sure she does not have the time to do it. She is just as ambitious as yours truly;).

She promised to send me emails on every little detail of her work and finding while she is there, I just can't wait to get some results from her.

But, I'm still green....!


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