Monday, June 06, 2005

Alamak! I got tagged

5xmom tagged me with this blog challenge and it is about books. My first thought, it is going to be embarassing as for the past few years my reading material is only confined to geology. As a small kid and later, teeager I used to indulge in reading, it was me and the book and totally unaware of what was going on outside my room, till mom had to bang on my door to get me to eat. I really miss that and I've been yearning to have more variety of books but after reading whole day at work, I normally don't have the mood to read at home. Anyway, let's play then, nothing to show off and I will try my best.

1) Total number of books I've owned:
Uncountable, and they are scattered in my room in the office, storeroom at my parents' place and in my apartment. I got a glimpse of my old books during recent 'balik kampung' trip, saw a few novels that I rented but never returned. From my childhood I was fascinated with Wuthering Height by Emily Bronte (it does not matter how much I could comprehend, then), series from Hans Christian Anderson especially The Little Match Girl, which still has a certain kind of effect till now. As a teenager, I read novels from Sydney Sheldon and Ian Fleming and a few other. I was a librarian in primary school and spent a lot of time reading, then but I can't remember most of the books. Since about 13 years ago, I read a lot of journal especially the ones from Nature and Elsevier Science, other than that it is National Geographic.

2) The last book I bought:
That would be my kids books but I guess it does not count here. It must be some geological books, can't remember which one but they are somewhere in this office. It is hubby who buys books now, and the latest reading material that he brought home that he loves to share with me are "Kekeramatan 99 wali-wali Allah" and a long article on the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) by Harun Yahya.

3) The last book I read
Non-geological one would be Who moved my cheese - can't remember the author, and it is somewhere among my geological stuffs. Suggested by a friend who tried to get me into Multi Level Marketing. Something I did in half an hour.

4) 5 books that mean a lot to me
a) Karst Geomorphology and Hydrology - Derek C. Ford and Paul Williams
I would never finish my PhD thesis without this book.

b) Imam - Abdullah Hussein
A refreshing thought on the practise of Islam in typical Malay community.

c) New Direction in Karst: Proceedings of the Anglo-French Symposium - Paterson, K and Sweeting, M. M.
Another indispensable reference during my studying days

d) Dating Methods in Quartenary Studies - a Users Guide - Smart, P. L and Francis, P. D.
Can't think of anything non-geological, this one is really an important introductory to my field of studies

e) The Characteristics and origin of the Tropical Limestone Karst in Sungai Perak Basin, West Malaysia
That's my PhD thesis, done through pure passion, sheer determination, a lot of moments of frustration. I'm proud of it! Hope it counts here.

5) Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their blogs.
Well, I guess I got to find people who read my blog, I hope none of them had been tagged by the same topic.

1. lazy bone - being a working mother with a hectic lifestyle, I'd really love to know what she reads
2. Mr B - he writes well, must be some influence from books that he reads
3. twinsmom - see what a stay-at-home mom with a pair of twins reads during her time-out
4. manju - another mom with an interesting blog
5. mumsgather - let's here more from her!


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