Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Had a great loooong weekend!

Papa22beas and me took 3 days leave on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for some much-awaited programmes: Star Wars (yup, while the fever is easing down on others, we just got started) and balik kampung!

Thursday: After a huge fried meehoon breakfast, we drove the kids to the babysitter's. Got our tickets, managed to browse the shopping mall for maternity wears and watched the 12.00 pm show. It was great, but I could not help it, I just giggled at the sight of the mask being fixed on Darth Vader's face. And so, that's how it happened, I thought!
Had a late lunch, did a bit of shopping. 5.00 pm off to balik kampung.
The kids behaved well in their carseats, but was eager to arrive. Arrived at 11.00 pm. Kids got excited and only went to bed at 2 am.

Friday: Kids played with their cousins, happy with new environment. As usual, balik kampung means a lot of chat with mom and sisters, and off course indulge in mom's cooking.

Saturday: Afternoon, brought the kids to Tok Bali...Bea1 was so excited with the beach but we decided not to touch the water. For the first time Bea1 was interested with the seashells and collected some. Bought a lot of yummy otak-otak, or Kelantanese call it 'sata'. Went to my cousin's place, she just gave birth to a baby boy. Was dissapointed to know that she had given up breastfeeding!
11 pm off to KL, reached home at 5.30 am.

Sunday: Got to catch up on sleep. Had a simple brunch, and off we went to Alamanda, let the kids play at the playground and had our dinner there.

Glad that everything went well, except for the kids had a bit of running nose...maybe being too long in the aircond. in the car.


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My huby also kelantannesse.. Pasir Puteh..

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