Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Choosing a car is a headache!

While I thought that we are not in a hurry to get an MPV, papa22beas thinks that we are REALLY in a hurry to get rid of the Wira. A few months ago, we are toying with an idea that since we plan to have more addition to the family, we also need a MPV. But we were not in a hurry, and took our time to just at least be aware of what's new in the market, people's review and nothing serious like hopping in and out of showrooms etc. Then, this little baby in my tummy makes the 'surprise' and here we go again talking about MPV. Still, I don't think we are in a hurry till our Wira does not seem to cooperate well with us.

So, for the past 3 days we were in and out of 3 showrooms, and today I went to two.

1. Hyundei on Saturday - since the need to get rid of Wira, and no urgent need for a MPV, we thought we go for something smaller than MPV but bigger than Wira. We were thinking about the Matrix. But looking at the current rate on the increase number in the family, thought we better seriously go for at least a 6-seater.

2. Toyota showroom on Sunday - no except for only ONE sales person there, and she was really busy attending to one costumer. Maybe they have reached their quota since I heard the very overwhelming response. Nevermind, papa22beas was not interested anyway...and me after learning about their ridiculous waiting queu, bye bye Innova...betul spoil mood, as I'd been waiting for the launch.

3. The thought to try out of those used imported cars brought us to one used car dealer on Monday. They have a quite a decent selection of Estima, Gaia, Ipsum, Grandis and a few other models. We were interested on the Gaia, but most that I'd seen (except) for Estima came with only 6 seatbelts.

4. The good review I read about Nabira brought me to one showroom on Tuesday - I was greeted by the salesman. He was very helpful, and showed no sign of being irritated entertaining my questions for almost an hour. I asked him to evaluate my Wira that I want to trade in. After a few phone calls, he came out with a figure, 31k. He also mentioned that for trading in the old car, I will also get RM2000 from Hicomobil and the price of the car can be reduced with that amount. I was happy and already had a plan to come back again for a test drive with the family later. But just before I left, a man from the used car dealer arrived, after talking for a few minutes, he learned from the salesman that the other two dealers quoted 31k for my Wira, he was not happy with that and later said he decided that RM2000 will be included in that 31k for my Wira (meaning now no discount for the new car).
It is a matter of 1 or 2 k, but I was pissed off. That brought me to Chevy dealer no. 2

5. Chevy showroom 2 - I went straight to my point, and knowing that he has a competitor, the salesman there offered to help me a bit. The discussion brought us to a conclusion that I will save 1 k compared to previous dealer, plus a few other goodies.
This salesman is rather friendly, after we had done with the discussion on car, he invited me for a conversation. So we talked about jobs, kids etc. He said he regret it that he did not finish his studies, I mentioned about how a Malaysian academician has made it big in Japan and how it was all started (actually I'm really impressed with this guy, thanks 5xmom for the link). He talked a bit about his wife, their plan to have a baby. After days of talking only about cars, having someone (I mean a stranger) to easily talk to me about his life was kind of nice.

He said test-drive could be done on Saturday, but later that evening, papa22beas said he just could not wait. We went back again, the salesman were doing a prayer somewhere but because of us, he and the wife had to drive back to the showroom. According to him, it was the first day of the 5th month of Chinese calender when special prayer is normally done. Did our test-drive, we were quite happy with it and I decided to let the couple have their dinner.

We are realy inclining towards the Nabira, but I have not fixed the kids' carseats (must do this to see how much space do we have) yet...will do it soon. And after only 6 trips to car showrooms, I really feel 'loya' now but I'm talking getting something that hopefully would be with us for at least 10 years (and till we reach our quota of having 5 kids). Till then I just hope I don't have to hop in and out of car showrooms anymore!


Blogger Belacan said...

10 years? erm, don't think an MPV can last that long. better sell after 7 years, me thinks.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Thx belacan...really, ah...thought with the money that we spend, can last that long. Anyway anything between 5-10 years pun ok lah...after that, we either need a bigger MPV or just a sporty car with two seater, if the kids decide they don't want to follow mama and papa anymore;)

11:27 AM  
Blogger mjey said...

Wah..banyaknya cerita...to buy a car! I am zero in this section...you so good go to so many showroom. So can't say much here...whtever you decide..I hope you enjoy the ride!

1:41 PM  
Blogger Shamira said...

I am looking for a new family car as well but all that cerita got me really tired and worried. Is it really so difficult, stressful?

5:21 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Hi Manju...change name? Yeah we really hope to get something more comfortable, secured and worth the money, too!

Shamira...hey, it depends la. Think if I got a lot of money, then no need to pening like that. The thing is it must be within our budget, and suitable for the kids (that means their carseats also..remember we will have 3 kids carseats in the car soon).

5:36 PM  

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