Thursday, September 22, 2005

The seven things meme

Domesticgoddess tagged me on this. I rarely got tagged, only twice, I guess. Took me awhile to think what to write. Here goes....

Seven things you plan to do before you die :
i. Go to Mecca for the 'haj'
ii. Improve my Arabic
iii. Read and decipher the whole of the Quran
iv. Travel with the family
v. Backpacking with ONLY hubby
vi. Watch the kids grows up, got married, have kids and watch hubby grows old
vii. See all my parents wishes are granted

Seven things I could do :
i. Improve my Arabic
ii. Read the Quran more
iii. Write a few more research papers by Dec. 2005
iv. Improve my cooking
v. Pamper myself more
vi. Be more patient with hubby, kids and the students
vii. Get more organised

7 Celebrity crushes :
i. Charles Bronson (anyone knows him or not?)
ii. Pierce Brosnan (since Remington Steele till now)
iii. Tim Robbins
iv. Gary Sinise (in Mission to Mars)
v. Bono (I just love this man!)
vi. Bob Geldoff (in Live8)
vii. Steve Harris (Iron Maiden's bass guitarist if you never heard of him)

7 often repeated words :
i. Nak mama cubit? (ok, I'm bad mom sometimes, ok)
ii. Abe, abe tau tak....
iii. Read first, after that only ask questions!
iv. How's school today, sayang?
v. Shoot!
vi. Can't think off any!

7 physical traits I look for in the opposite sex :
Er...I don't look at any other man after having hubby, anyway what I love on him:
i. Nice and strong hands
ii. Nice butts
iii. Those wrinkles at the corner of his eyes (Charles Bronson got that, too!)
iv. Those greying hairs (that will make him looks smarter...hehe)
v. Broad sholders
vi. Nice ears
vii. The smiles and a lot more la...7 mana cukup, can't finish wan!

7 tags goes to :

Anyone who likes it, and got the time to do it!


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Anonymous simon said...

improve arabic is a good one. I only know "Ya habibi" "ana" and "wang ihsan minyak". no wait, thatlast one doesn't sound right.

btw you geology lecturer? I use to dislike geology in uni! bcoz our lecturer very syiok sendiri one.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said... two spams! But happy to see Simon here...are you looking for a blog about blue or pink? If yes, not yet la...don't want people get too bored with many stories about baby!
Ok la...I admit la, a lot of geologists are very syiok is just that whoever takes up geology because they really are passionate about it, but lecturers sometimes don't know how to express themselves la...I try to avoid that, also!

2:05 PM  
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