Monday, October 03, 2005

Counting down to D Day (Part 3)

The last 2 images of baby in-utero

Since the sex of the baby is meant to be a surprise, I thought I'd go for unisex colour while shopping for him/her. I saw one I-must-buy cute baby suit (a whole set of jumper, shirt, pants, cap) and it only came in blue and pink. Holding each colour in one hand, I felt like cursing myself for making my life more difficult. So, what the heck...the next check-up, I asked the doc. to get the best shot and shout it to the world!

But according to her, it was already too "cramped" inside as the baby is big, and it was already difficult to see. The hospital that I'm doing my check-ups do not give out print-outs. And I need a few more images of my baby in-utero, and with that excuse I went to do another scan at a clinic near home, and hopefully the baby would cooperate a bit!

The same thing happened, the doc. said can't see a thing! For RM40, I got images of the head (face also could not see) and the femur.


Besides that, she gave me length explanation on the white dots that could be seen in the amniotic fluid indicated that it is "matured", the position of the baby's head, umbilicol cord etc and concluded that everything is just fine!

Looks like I have to be happy with whatever universal colour that I have at the moment. Upon seeing my shopping, hubby asked "Eh....why all red?" to which I answered "Both boy and girl can wear red, right?". Wait till my confinement is over, and I'm back in the shopping mall!

Everything is almost done. Carseat is out from the storage and cleaned, work in the office is endless but I can leave them behind in peace, tonight I will arrange the baby's and the girls' stuffs in storage boxes and prepare the bag to take to the hospital. The plan is all hubby got to do is loading them in the car!

It is so overwhelming! Everything seems to happen so fast, and soon I will have my third baby in my arms.

Coming up next (I mean after the story of the birth etc): Confinement story, Kelantanese_Malay style that has been practised since the late 16th century;)


Blogger Queen Of The House said...

Would you consider doing a 3-D scan? They come out really clear. Some friends of mine did them

4:14 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

queenofthehouse...I know about that, my previous gynea pun suggested and I just watched Building Babies in the discovery this morning...very very nice but at the moment it is just too expensive for me...hopefully subsequant babies;)

11:08 AM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

You'll get to see the baby soon, anyway. The scan is just for keepsakes, and memang expensive. $d scan pun ada, siap dgn sound sekali!

2:05 PM  
Blogger ninuk said...

My 4 yo Aman (then) saw the ultrasound picture of Uqbah and immediately wanted a new baby because "baby tu tak cantik lah Mak - hitam putih je - kite tukar nak baby lain boleh".
But now Uqbah is out of the womb, growing and at 2.5 yo, Aman adores Uqbah more and more by the day. I told Aman - tu lah Adik Baby yg Aman nak tukar dulu tu.

1:07 PM  

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