Friday, September 29, 2006

The curtain

This is my curtain at the living room bay windows. Bought the fabric at the Ikea on a very crowded Sunday afternoon, with kids tugging at my pants pleading to go to the kids' section and 'make-up-your-mind-fast' expression on the hubby's face. Seriously, the very undecisive me could not think straight in that situation and decided on the cheaper one, at RM19.00 per metre.
It turned out to be too thin. I love the abundance of morning sunlight that comes streaming down up to half of the room at early as 7.30 am, but we just really need some shades.
I found another fabric at RM2.60 per metre and added another layer to it. That's better;).

A few days ago, I was viewing the 2007 Ikea catalogue and at page 265, I found this.

I know Ikea is now heavily promoting their fabric, how do I feel seeing the same material of my curtain as a jacket, just like atiza found someone made a pair of pants out of hers, I guess.

Anyway, just a filler post before the weekend.

Most probably will balik kampung to hubby's side. He has not suggested but I can read his mind. Ahh...yummy buka puasa stuff, mom-in-law style. We will start off with the kids jumping in the pool again *roll eyes*, but not before listening to some some students' thesis presentation which will start soon.

You too, have a good one ok;).


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