Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Of InventQJaya and another version of curry

I'm just busy, at a very last minute my application to attend a conference in Langkawi on the 19th was just confirmed, and I need to submit at least an extended abstract tomorrow. Also received another letter, from my ex-boss, he is now a Deputy Vice Chancellor, asking for a full paper to be published in a book. This guy, I just can't say no to.

My brother-in-law is now undergoing bone marrow transplant, that means more visits to the hospital.

And Bea3 is not feeling well. That means less sleep for mama, too.

But I just need a break, I need to blog. But before that, I apologise for replying late some of the new comments/congratulatory notes in my previous posts.

Ok now, back to what I really want to write.

I was at a clinic, bringing Bea3 to a doctor this morning. Saw the Sun and the front page news was really disturbing to me.

I've been following, so this is the fate of one of the most ambitious research projects in our country. Read here if you are interested.
But I didn't find any coverage in the Star. Didn't know the Sun got online version. Been underestimating it.

But food would always cheer me up a bit.

The only curry that I cook all this while consists of halba campur (mix of fennels, halba, kas-kas), curry leaves, curry powder and coconut milk. My mom use different curry mix that she got in Kelantan. I heard of the one that don't have coconut milk but I have never tried.

And now, Lilian introduced curry with tomato puree.

I don't have specific craving, but during all pregnancies, I love everything tomato-based, especially the pasta.

Was so eager to cook it, but since I'd been running around I just could not get hold of curry leaves. Either kedai tutup, or dah habis. Next time we got back to our old place, I will force hubby to bring the tiny curry tree home.

It's been weeks, and yesterday the babysitter handed me some. A pregnant woman's wish can't be taken lightly. I just love her!

Hubby worked late, and it was late. I pujuk Bea1 that I didn't need her 'help' in the kitchen and parked all 3 girls in front of Playhousedisney.

But instead of beef, I cooked chicken as the man in the house does not eat beef. It has cow's smell, that the reason! What does he expect *roll eyes*.

I got to do it very fast before Bea3 started to get bored. I only have halba campur. It was tedious to separate the halba, and since hubby does not like too much kak-kas in his curry, I had to get most of the tiny weeny seeds out too. I also have only half can of puree as I had used half for a pasta sauce last week.

I did it finally, without much chaos. Fetched hubby from the office, a stop at the hospital and finally I got to savour it. That's what I thought!

But nooooo...while feeding the girls, Bea3 was really not comfortable with her stuffy nose. Asked hubby to handle the elder ones and we went to the bedroom. I fall asleep with her. Urghhhh.

Woke up at 12 am and was just too sleepy to eat.

This morning, I found that hubby left the biggest piece of chicken for me. So sweet of him. Brought some to the office and while typing this, I'm having my brunch.

Asking his comment, hubby asked back "Laa...curry ke tu"
"Eh tak nampak ka daun curry? is tomato puree la, Lilian blogged it"

"No wonder tak de rasa curry sangat" He said. He is right, I may want to add more curry leaves, and think will omit the kas-kas altogether. It is too strong for my taste.

"And that kentang tak empuk lah", he has not finished.

"That's because you called for a ride home, remember?"

Sometimes this man is hard to please.

Anyway, try it if you think you may like it. Recipe can be found at the link above.
It just agrees with my tastebud, nice to eat with bread too. However, I have a strong feeling that beef would taste better. Will try that if I got more time to cook another dish for hubby.
A bit long winded, I know. That because I don't know when my next entry will be in!

Thanks again for reading;), and Lil thanks again for the recipe!

Now got to run to the babysitter's for Bea3 and Bea2 nen-nen fix!

Added: I just added the pic of the chocolate as I just hate seeing only words at the top of this entry. Saw it a few times but I was with the family. It is something that I don't want to share. Wicked mom, I am...hehe. Was at a pharmacy, getting medication for my BIL, saw this and grabbed it. Heard from the nurses, he is getting better after worrying high fever and infection 2 days ago. A bit relieved, think eating chocolate is just a good way to relax....yummeh!


Anonymous ajab booboo said...

Ohhh ... curry is nice! I like it, but nothing too spicy. And that bit about Playhouse Disney? You're not alone. My mummy does that to me and my brother too. Just plonk us down in front of the TV so that she can do her chores. :D

3:55 PM  
Anonymous supernunu said...

so aunty, playhousedisney can reallllllly make us kids get transfixed to the teeveee, eih? huh will my abah sacrifice his sports channel to make way for kids channel for me? hmmm i dont think so. I know Momma aint gonna budge from her variety channel!

2:40 PM  
Anonymous nutter said...

*sigh* i can soooo identify with you -- right down to the makan coklat sensorang! haha. have just managed to finish one huge 400g bar this week alone by munching non-stop in the office -- but notice tak? there aren't that many fat academicians kan? kan? kan? we're overworked! teehee... ;)

so the very many congratulations for the pregnancy. i shall be happy to remain in the shadows and let you become the mum-cum-lecturer contoh. super-duper tak larat dah nak expand the brood. not yet anyway. like you, no maid too. and like you, osso got funding approved. it must be a bristol thing. hehe.

huff-puff-huff-puff. this is what we call super-pressure-cooker situation. time for more chocolates me thinks! :P

take care.

9:02 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

ajab booboo...Bea1 likes it too. Luckily, I was really careful when adding the chilli powder. It was just nice to the girls, too.

supernunu...maybe i should talk to ur mom as I just think the girls are watching wayyy too much now.

nutter...ohhh, you are here again. Thanks, and nope I don't forget about my intention to drop you a message, I am just procrastinating. I miss Bristol (and the people) so much.

Yeap, can't agree more on not many fat academicians, we're overworked ....and underpaid, right? But of course we don't grumble much about it, as think we do love our job. Agree or not?

Got ur funding approved too?. Congrats! Actually, a bit embarrassed to mention here, mine is not that big, but it is my first and more personalised, I'd say. Before this, I worked with others so, sometimes got little conflict of interests etc.

An email from me will definitely pop in ur mailbox soon!

6:00 PM  
Anonymous simon said...

ooo... i just love that cadbury gold choc! but not cheap, man that stuff.

3:44 PM  

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