Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm back, but first thing first!

I've been in hiatus, I used the excuse of the recent nationwide slow internet connection due to the quake but in fact I was just too busy that I thought I should not be blogging anymore, but I'm back and I got tagged by Lillian. Tag=love, so I'm back.

But firstly, I must do a little update on the girls, or at least on Bea2's birthday on Saturday.

Hubby worked and only came back at 7 pm. We quickly went out to the nearest Secret Recipe for a cake. I promise to bake when the girls are a bit older;).

As much as I wanted Indulgence, I also wanted one with a white surface, instead of dark brown. So, I decided on Oreo Cheese. I decorated with some not-so-colourful candies that I got from a nearby Watson.

A shy and demure birthday girl with her cake! Papa said we got to hurry up, can you see lightsaber on the TV or not? Star Wars Episode 3 was on. Who cares if we have watched it 10 times...hehe!

Attentive to papa's instruction.

Mama made her wait too long, started to show her antics. And more antics.
Oreo cheesecake finally on the plate...the girls said "Yum, yum..."

As for the parents, nothing beats the combination of cheesecake and Star Wars on Saturday evening, with the gentle sound of drizzle...perfect!

Readers, please ignore any mess that you can see in the background. Thanks for reading, love you!


Anonymous lillian said...

cute pictures .. :-) this is a hard meme.. because whats weird to others is normal to us :-)

8:33 AM  
Anonymous lyzaghazali said...

Happy bday, B2. U haven't seen the mess in my house and i only have one ....

5:40 PM  
Anonymous ajab booboo said...

That's such a cute picture (the one with Bea2 sticking her tongue out). :D

"I thought I should not be blogging anymore". Oh no .... please don't stop! I've just begun to enjoy reading about all your Beas and awaiting Bea4's arrival and you want to stop? Nooooo .... donnnn'ttt!!! *acting dramatic sikit!*

6:36 PM  
Blogger Buaya69 said...

hmmm, strong is the force, this one, hmmm...

9:54 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Lillian...yeah, I think it is kind of hard too as I'm still looking to complete the 6. Will do that soon;)

Lyza, thanks ...and that reminds me also that we had the same amount of mess when we only had Bea1;)

Ajab booboo...that's a very nice of you *kembang*, you made me smile to the ears *kembang*. The main purpose of this blog is more on the girls (updates etc), I really do think sometimes I just can't go on...but now, since you say that...*kembang lagi*

buaya...hehe, y'know when we are in that mode (glued to TV), my kids would automatically adjust, they normally play by themselves!

11:55 AM  
Anonymous sofhib said...

happy belated b'day Bea2

4:15 PM  
Blogger said...

hahaha, I thot bila pulak I tag you. Happy Birthday Bea 2. Betul kan? So man Beas until I pun confused.

12:19 AM  
Blogger supernunu said...

oh dear I missed! Happy late late b'day Bea2! Hey, do i hafta wait till my 3rd birthday to have a piece of cake?

3:42 PM  

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