Friday, May 04, 2007

Mothering Mothers 2007

I received an sms from a member of MMB saying that 5xmom blogged what we will do on Mother's Day. I was a bit surprised that earlier she suggested "Let's make it smallish, among MMB members". I'm alway a bit uncomfortable about putting it up in my blog as I just prefer to keep it low-profile, think we can do it even with the support from the members.

But now with my name mentioned in 5xmom, think I should just go ahead and say something about it. Not nice la, if people come here and I don't mention about it at all, busy with KK trip pulak;). Well, she already wrote and described a lot better that I do. Anyway, think I mentioned this to d and I think I owe her a detail explanation.

We did it twice in 2004, and 2005. See the link to 5xmom, she even put up a pic of me. I'm the one in red, just gave birth a few months to Bea2.

In 2005, we had overwhelming responce, thanks to 5xmom again who put it up in her famous blog. We had extra gifts that we later distributed to maternity wards, to mostly first-time moms there. The experience is simply undescribable. We even had extra to give to nurses (they are moms too) who accompanied us, and even to a few security guards (for their wives).

And we extra cash that we hired a baloon scupturor to entertain the kids. We learned in 2004 that it was a bit 'dissapointing' for the kids as normally any charity event would normally focus on the patients, but in this case it was a big surprise for the mothers. So, we came up with the balloon to entertain the kids a bit.

It is not only about distributing gifts but also to just be there, to listen to them. Think 5xmom explained it better in her blog.

To anyone who would like to contribute, please let us know if any transaction is made to my and Salwa accounts. And thanks to 5xmom whom without her consent, this is not possible. Also to all MMB members, despite the slow beginning, we are sure that we will make it again.


Blogger anamiraa said...

hi! divine effort!

so can i have your account no? when the dateline to bank in the money. i would only be able to have it by mid may. would that count? still acceptable?


10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anamira...Thanks for your interest to contribute but I'm afraid mid-may is already too late. We are going to the hospital on Mother's day, this Sunday 13th. Some mothers are busy now wrapping up the gifts.


12:47 PM  
Blogger said...

Hope you have had a great time, Ros. Wanted to sms tapi takut you sibuk. So, just wondering about you gals.

1:28 AM  

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