Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Counting down for Baby Boy (Part 2) - The last two trips

I mean before the baby's arrival. There will be many more to come. I waited for the 34th week of pregnancy, like what the doctor advised and tried to rest. Once that's over, I was back moving around again.
First trip:Gua Tempurung
On Friday the 6th, hubby and I went to Gua Tempurung for some sampling for my work.
We went to the entrance and did a little discussion with the rangers, and planned to return after Friday prayer fro real work. And a few kilometers away from Gopeng, the department 4x4 vehicle just gave up, we heard some hissing sound from the radiator and that was it! I won't go into detail on this. After a few calls, we decided to push (not me, the husband of course) the car to a nearby villager's compound and leave it for the office staff to settle it.

And later there was a 37-week pregnant woman, a determined lady geologist who thought nothing would stop her from doing her job, at a roadside trying to stop any car that passed by to bring her back to her work site. The conversation went like this:

Pregnant geologist: How come la no bus here?
Hubby: HELLO! When was the last time you board a bus in Malaysia?
Pregnant geologist: Hey people, can't you see a pregnant woman here?
Hubby: People don't even care if they see someone 'terbongkang' (er...dunno how to translate) here, pregnant woman is nothing la.
Anyway, we managed to get the bus to Gopeng, and a cab back to Gua Tempurung. We did a little bit of climbing, something I would not advise any pregnant woman at any stage to do, except if she is a geologist...hehe. It was slippery and hubby was on 'standby' at my back all the time. I finally got what I want, but pity hubby and one ranger who had to carry my sample. We left the sample at the entrance and got my office staff to bring back with the car once it was fixed.

I packed a set of clean clothes for hubby but not for me. Thought it would be a dry trip inside the cave, and I didn't bring my caving suit as I was sure I could not fit it anymore. Luckily we found an overalls in the bag that we brought, used to belong to my late-bro-in-law, and it just fit nicely. Asked hubby to take photo of me in it, for a keepsake to show to the baby but he was not in the mood after carrying samples heavier than the pregnant wife;).
So, I took this before changing:
Happy with the overalls, if not other passengers in the bus (on the way back to KL) had to bear with the smell of guano;).
Second trip: Dark Caves, Batu Caves
Now, I'm preparing a team member, two students in my research group and some cavers from the Malaysian Nature Society to do some works in Baling in end August. Though I hate to think that I'm not going, I'd rather let it go for my newborn baby anytime;).
We did some discussion, and some demo at the Dark Caves last Sunday. Some other students followed us too. I had not been there before, when one of the cavers told me about there was no other way but to climb the stairs (not to the top, but almost). Told him, I better prepare to give birth on Monday. Anyway, I did a check-up on Saturday, once the doc said the baby was not engaged yet, I confirmed the meeting. Hubby stayed home with the girls.

It was raining but it was also nice, we just did walking, no crawling in narrow passages and climbing but that was already enough to make the cavers in awe with me. Over and over I told them, I love caves and I'm doing my job....but sometimes that made me embarrased too.

In the pic, you know who the professional cavers and who are not!
There are still things to be done, but think now I"m pretty ready to have my boy in my arm. Anyway, would it be nice to have a birthday on 20.07-2007 and better still 27.07.2007?. I just let my boy decides;).


Blogger Haariz's Mommy said...

the first pic, where's the tummy?? .. ohh you should see my very rounded tummy :)

6:02 PM  
Anonymous sofhib said...

I thought by week 36 onwards, I can see your tummy. Yet you still look like the same that I met last May...

4:38 PM  
Blogger Queen Of The House said...

You've really got spunk, caving at this stage of pregnancy! Jangan terberanak dalam cave sudahlah :P Wish you all the best for the big day .....

10:01 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

haariz,s mommy...yeah, I'm always small. I cheated they guys at the gua about my due date to go in, y'know;). And yes, I saw ur pic with ur boy already, at a field if I'm not mistaken!

sofhib...it depends on my clothing, some normal loose cloth I can still fit in. For some people I just have a tummy problem;)

QOTH...haha, got that remarks quite a lot. Seriously if that too happen, think we can handle it as long as hubby is around. No la... I mean, we are careful not to go too far from a hospital.

12:52 PM  

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