Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Phone call one after another and another...

...and more calls as we are travelling with kids. When there was only two of us, the car was our second home, but now I really have to be careful in choosing the hotel.

Today, I made a call to TM Directory to ask for a hotel phone number. What a shock to know, the hotel that appears first on the Google search for Perlis hotel is not in the listing. After digging more, I found it in a brochure of a conference that was held there last year.

I saw it has baby-sitting service and thought we might want to try it out.

After being passed around a few times, I finally received the rate of the room. Then, I asked for that baby-sitting service, and after another round I finally was attended but she asked me "Baby-sitting tu macam baby-cot ka?" Argggg!

" tu katil baby. I mau babysitters!" I knew I was going nowhere but immediately my call was transfered again to someone else. She said they had stopped the service but it will resume in Nov.

"Will that be on the 7th (the day we will check in)?" I tested with a laugh as I was pretty sure it was not going to happen.

"I pass you to the duty manager" I started to get really dissapointed and irritated but I was still laughing in my heart, and that really helped.

Anyway, what followed was a lot better. The manager said they were contemplating to resume the service on the 1st but will get back to me once it is confirmed. She even calls it the "Kid's Club"...that sounds better to me.

And the reason for the baby-sitting is because hubby wants to go into some caves with me. I can be with the kids, confined in a hotel room all day while he is at work...but not him! Think I will let him pay...hehe!


Blogger chanelwong said...

which hotel in Perlis? aiyo...babysitter also don't know..

5:35 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said... the previous reader said, the only reasonable hotel there, you would guess it right.

11:44 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

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11:44 PM  

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