Thursday, April 09, 2009

Some tales about shoes

When it comes to shoes, I'm one of those rare species of women that does not mind having only a few pairs at a time. I have a casual pair that I 'lanyak' everyday. Something flat that goes well with my everyday jeans and pants, something like mocassin or just a pair of loafers. And they must be black or dark brown for easy matching.

I have maybe one pair for formal occasions, and one or two pairs of sandals to wear with my baju kurung. I only buy new ones when I can't even take a look at them. My everyday wear can last me for more than a year most of the time. As I rarely wear the others, they last even longer.

For brands I've been sticking to Hush Puppies, Vincci and La Premavera for quite some time now. That's it!

Until I heard about a friend who raved about her Clarks. Well, I never really considered Clarks as I thought I just could not afford it. My friend reminded me to look out for Clarks summer sales when I was in the UK. I did that (without being aware of the prices of them over here). In fact I went to two shops. They were priced about 20-30 pounds a pair which I thought was good. But nothing really suited me...they were summer sales, but what they had to me looked more for winter. I left empty-handed.

But I still could not get over my friend's raving about it. I finally bought my first pair of Clarks in 1U last year. It was the most expensive pair for me, something like this

with a sole like this. I didn't find the exact model in the net.

I wore them for everyday 'lanyak'ing for 4 months happily until one of the leather strands broke off. A bit dissapointed as I thought Clarks should last longer (but maybe not with my 'lanyak'ing). A cobbler asked for RM40 to repair but a Clarks branch in MidV said I could return it to 1U branch. I did that, and they said they need two weeks. I was glad that they didn't ask for a payment. A pair caught my eyes there but told hubby, with that incidence no more Clarks for me. Not worth it lah!

About a week after that I received a call. The shoe was beyond repair but before I could feel even sadder, the staff surprised me with "You can come here to choose a new pair!". I didn't expect that at all. No question asked, they didn't even ask for a proof of purchase, well they may have the record. Anything I like, if the price is higher than my old sandals I have to pay the difference, if lower there won't be any refund. I was so excited!

So, off I went to get my brand new Clarks. I just took the one that caught my eyes during the previous visit. I'm not very keen to show my feet, they look bad now as with each pregnancy I have dry skin all over. But the sandals look nicer in them, so:

Nice or not? Hubby says "Buruknya....!". He thinks all my sandals have 'orang tua' punya design. To him I just should be in something most comfortable like the mocassin everywhere at any time even in my baju kurung. He does not like the colour too. Malas layan!

That's of course not for everyday 'lanyak'ing. So I just got myself another pair from Hush Puppies today. Hubby would approve this, I know.

But when Bea1 first saw it, she said "I've seen shoes like this the airport, in London!" It must be worn by some simple yet stylish woman, I thought.

She continued "Orang tua gemuk!"

And the image of a plump English old lady in long white socks came to mind....Arghhhh!

Anyway, something to share with other Clarks fans. The staff in 1U said a lot of Clarks come from China now, unlike last time. Even those in the UK, so quality has been compromised (not very sure if I use the right word here). But with the kind of service I get from Clarks...think I would definitely consider buying them again. But not too soon!


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