Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dino that scared the hell out of my kid

I took a day off on Friday just for Mothering Mothers. But due to some rescheduling of picking-up, I managed to squeeze some time in between Bea1's KAFA class and school to bring the girls to the Barkyard Monsters and Dinosaurs Are Back (that's what they printed on the tickets) exhibition.

What you're going to read is mostly complaint from a mom, geologist and educator. If you think you can tahan, read on. If not, do something better.

Firstly, it was such a small one for RM12 for adult and RM8 for kids 5 years and above. It is divided into two sections. One is mostly for insects with blown-up replicas (why must they call them monsters!) and the other for dinosaurs. They move a little and got some sound effects.

Bea1 was happy with the whole thing, especially when she got to see a blown-up section of a mosquito's (and a few other insects) head that shows parts that involve during feeding. She was happy walking and observing past the dinosaurs too.

But I have to put up with a very scared 3-year old Bea3. She was like that for the whole less than 1/2 hour we were there.
It was scary for her the moment we stepped in, with gigantic tarantula welcome her. I had no idea how it was like, so I didn't prepare her for that. It was not a good start for her and she refused to let go till the end.

And this is my 5-year-old Bea2. She was ok in the insect section but not in the other. I thought my kids were just penakut, but I also saw another girl and a boy who cried their heart out too. I justhad to cut it short after I accidently touched Bea3's chest and I could feel how fast her heart beat.

So you may think this exhibition may not be suitable for kids 5 and below. Well, I think if that's the case...what a shame! For my kids, dinosaurs in books are not scarry at all. Yup, maybe in reality they were scary in nature but does it really matter?

After the visit, in the car, as usual I was bombarded by questions esp. from Bea2. She wanted to know why dino do not co-exist with human being, how they died. How do people 'find' out about them. And knowing the sequence of living things existence, Bea1 further asked about "What roam on earth before dinosaurs?", and what happened before and before that. I explained about fossils, paleontologist, mass extinction and I thought I might have to do a little about Big Bang Theory...I myself have a problem to fathom that, now with kids asking questions like this...I felt like biting my own hand.

That brings me to the next complain: it is a non-informative exhibition. The insect section is still ok to me but there are only very little information about each of dino, eg: their size, diet, who was first that found them on a board just below the name of each. You can see that at the back of the first two pics.

I wish they have something like a big board that tells a little about the history of the earth, when in the geological time scale did the dino exist, how they extinct and how they were discovered. Something simple with lots of pictures to help students to understand and make it easy for parents to explain to their young kids. Is it too much to ask? I don't know who the organisers are but all this infos can be easily gathered and maybe preferebly they can consult an expert for that.
Are the movement and sound effects more interesting than a little bit more information?

I feel a little upset for my Bea3, she loves her dino books at home. She's been telling me that she would never want to see dino ever again. It may take some time for her to overcome that. I really feel that for kids that are eager to know about everything, the exhibition should not be made in such a way.

Anyway, not happy with the short visit Bea1 is now bugging me to go again but only two of us. I'm not very sure about that, maybe the one at the KLCC is better? I was there a few years ago but now could not remember how was it already.

Another complain is not related to the exhibition but the lunch that we had after that. I;ve been telling people after I tasted Burger King, I thought I'd bid farewell to McD. And after Carl's Jr, I said "Bye, bye' to Burger King. We just love it but that Friday, this is what we got for the Fish n Chips:

The batter turned dark and the size of each piece was 3 times smaller. After complaining the staff cooked another batch for us. To me to be on the safe side, they just should not sell it until they figured out what went wrong with the batter (that's what I'd been told). Now tak pasal-pasal their terrible-looking product appears in my 'famous' blog...hehe!

Well, I also thought maybe due to the many complains I made for the exhibition that we had bad luck with our lunch. Anyway, it was still a relief to see my girl back to her usual self, sipping the iced tea happily after that scary dino episode!


Blogger Moo mommy said...

They should have more info at each insect and dino.
I still remember few years back i brought Jing to a human internal organ exhibition which is from Korea. The exhibition have a guide to follow the kids and explainted each part to the kids. Jing is 1 years plus that time but till now she still remember how she enjoyed in that exhibition.

10:39 PM  
Blogger hui-wearn said...

i brought my son to that same exhibition and i must agree with you - it's not very informative/educational at all. my son was also scared and wanted to leave soon after.

5:29 PM  
Blogger J.A.D said...

agreed. It was a non-exciting event for my 6 y.o ds and quite a scary experience for my 3 y.o dd.

And yes, for RM12 and RM8, mcm tak worth it je.

9:48 PM  
Blogger butterflutter said...

Dinotrek is a much better alternative i guess.

2:44 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Yes! 4 moms agree with me...thanks ladies.

5:00 PM  

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