Saturday, May 16, 2009

More stuffs from a warehouse sale!

I got to know about Teka warehouse sale from a paper at the babysitter's yesterday morning and went there with Bea1 after her KAFA class. I got hooked already after getting my 7-fucntion Rubine oven from one, at serves us well after almost a year now!.

I only allocated a space for a 60cm wide fridge in the kitchen and was so in need of a new one. I also wanted one with a freezer at the bottom.

What we have is a small one-door type with minute freezer that we bought when we were very broke newlyweds 8 years ago. It got frosted fast, and ice would fill the freezer leaving us with even less space. A lot of times we had to forget about getting ice-cream in those containers home when we had breastmilk stock. Just how we survived with that, with all kids were on breastmilk only till they are over 1 year old. It has a knob to control the temp. inside. Just above Bea3's head. Once, we got back from 3-day balik kampung trip to a smelly fridge and everything inside was spoilt!

Yeah we have one of those child-lock thingy but bigger kids tend to forget to lock it back after opening it.

In preparation for the arrival of the new baby, I looked harder for a fridge or even a freezer. We seriously do not have any space for stand-alone freezer. I thought of getting bigger fridge, and moved the old one to my office. Storing milk would be much convenient, I thought.

I had Panasonic in mind as they come up with a few freezer at the bottom models, but the slim one is too short with too small freezer, the bigger one is too wide....hubby sakit kepala already.

Anyway, search was over yesterday! Found one with 340 liter capacity, 185 cm (taller than hubby) x 600 x600 at RM2.1 k after 70% off. Freezer with 4 times the size of the one in our tiny fridge. Perfect! There are those two-side-by-side-doors type, but even after 60% off, they are still out of my budget...and of course too big for my kitchen.

It has some little scratch and dent, but I really don't mind as it comes with 5 year warranty for the motor. It has digital control at the top,so no more worries of little hands playing with it. Temp of fridge, chiller and freezer can be controlled separately...I like!

Looks like we need a big grocery shopping to fill up the space;).

I also got a cooker hood from an old model with 1200 m3 suction, at RM700 also after 70% off. But that would stay a bit longer in the box as I need to recover from my spending for a while before getting it installed. Must buy some wall cabinet to finally complete my kitchen (*sigh* after almost 3 years!).

The sale is still on till tomorrow at 10, Jln U1/47, Temasya Industrial Park, Off Jln Glenmerie, if you are interested and do not mind getting 'junks' (some people call that) from a warehouse sale.


Blogger Moo mommy said...

aiya... ipoh or penang mana ada wholesale? I just bought myself a Panasonic Inverter version fridge. 355L, RM2k. then ho... DH asking am i going to change my job to a cook? cause it's really big,to him lah, to me just gam gam. The old one he hs to "move" over to ipoh for me to store my bf milk! LOL

6:33 AM  
Blogger chanelwong said...

nice big fridge you have there...

dont apt also took a few years with several phases of renovation from 2003-2007....slowly save $$$ and do bit by bit...

2:27 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Moo mommy...haha, I also can't find excuse not to cook la. The freezer can store more than two weeks supply of dinner.
I saw that model too but it is too wide for my kitchen, hubby asked to place it outside kitchen but it won't be nice la in the small apartment. now you know my headache is over hehe. I agree with you, but in our case, think my the time we finish everything, kids big already and its time to move to a bigger place already!

4:20 PM  

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