Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Good therapies


7.15 pm: on Federal Highway, with 31/2 and 11/2-year-olds strapped in their carseats at the backseat. Knew I was in deep trouble as I could see cars not moving as far as my eyes could see. Cars moved inch by inch, girls got restless.
7.45 pm: we moved only for about 2 km. Bea2 started to scream, Bea1 started wailing.
8.00 pm: Bea2 screamed at the top of her lungs, Bea1 insisted to get out of the car. Prayed that everything would be ok, I unbuckled both of them. Bea2 looked for her ultimate comfort, having no choice I lifted my blouse and for the first time in my life: with one hand on the steering, the other arm held Bea2, I drove while nursing my baby! Bea1 was calmer and sat in the middle of backseat.
8.15 pm: Bea2 turned to playful mood, jumped to front passenger's seat. Took everything out from the glove compartment to distract her, Bea1 also wanted to join her sister there. One hand on steering, streached the other arm to prevent them from falling.
8.30 pm: Yelled at both to stay at the seats, Bea2 cried and asked for nen-nen again. Again, nurse while driving.
8.45 pm: Drove passed a long lorry carrying long pieces of steel, parked at the emergency lane and a policeman was there. Knew right away, that was the culprit. Traffic was smooth after that. A bit relieved, and moving towards the toll. But damn, forgot about to reload the Touch n Go. Took cash lane, stopped at the booth and had to pull Bea2 away (and 'dumped' her on the front passenger's seat) to look for coins. She screamed again! Pulled over by the road side, buckled both girls in their carseats, a struggle but managed to do it. Drove on amidst their wailing and screams. A drive that normally take us 15 minutes turned to be 2 hours!

9.05 pm: Arrived at papa22beas' office. Not much word was exchanged but he has one kind of calming effect in his voice and look. Decided to go to nearest place to eat. Ended up in USJ, the first restaurant we saw and it was a steamboat place.
9.30 pm: Took the order, Bea1 was all excited to see a pot in front of her, on the table. Then we realised it was the first steamboat experience for both girls (but think for Bea2, it did not make a difference!). Food came, I went all mushy seeing beautiful father-daughter moments in front of me. Bea1 said she wanted to cook, papa22beas carefully let her place the food in the pot. He said, at home mama would never allow her near the stove. He taught her to use chopstick, also a first-time event! We clapped when she managed to lift a fishball with it. She was delighted.
I still got to run after both of them after that, while letting papa22beas to eat. Watching them play with those horse rides nearby the restaurant was still tiresome task, and having to gobble down my food like a mad cow was still not an idea for good dining but happiness was all around and the scene at the Federal Highway was all behind me.
11.00 pm: Arrived home, both girls 'pengsan' already. Just used wipes to clean them, and put on clean diapers! A quick shower for both of us and off to the zzzzzland in each other's arms.

So, no matter how bad any situation is...look for some therapies. End the day with something good, we will have no qualm (or less qualm ;)) to begin another (in my case, even if it still involves Federal Highway!).


Blogger 5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

This is so inspirational. If only more moms (parents) get to read this. Please PING! la.

1:19 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Thx 5xmom...but what is PING!?*scratch head* With all the time I have, can only write. I know I have a lot more to learn.

5:12 PM  

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