Friday, June 17, 2005

To papa22beas and all fathers out there!

In between posters that I have to prepare for a seminar next week, I play with Freehand to create this (I know it is messy a bit, but got no time already):

father's day

"We normally do not celebrate, but for the last 2 Mother's Day, I received meaningful gifts from him: time away with my girlfriends to distribute gifts to mothers in a hospital, for a charity project. So thought wantt o do something for the Father's Day"

And to all fathers out there, Happy Father's Day know you are the greatest to your kiddos!

p/s: thanks to 5xmom for the caroon sketches!


Blogger 5xmom said...

Hmm? Cartoon sketches ada kena mengena dengan I ke? Bila pulak I jadi cartoonist? *scratching head*

Anyway, been peeking around.

12:43 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Got it from a link in your blog about Father's Day...remember? You gave a few suggestion to new moms with young kids, and there was a link there!

11:44 AM  
Blogger 5xmom said...

OIC, I tak perasan sebab I sendiri tak baca! Cuma pandai rekomen. Hahaha

1:20 AM  

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