Thursday, June 09, 2005

My chances to go to hell

I got this from lazy bone who got it from msau. I'd seen it once or twice from other blogger(s). I had done the test, and tried to be as honest as possible and I proudly think I have the lowest chance to go to hell, so far...hehe!

Your Deadly Sins

Envy: 40%

Gluttony: 20%

Lust: 20%

Pride: 20%

Greed: 0%

Sloth: 0%

Wrath: 0%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 14%

You will die in a duel.


Blogger Lazy Bone said...

Hi! There, didn't know you read my blog as well. Thank you for visiting! OK lah, looks like I have the highest chance of going to hell leh! Some more I bored to death ler, why the comment so critical one har? :p

1:02 AM  

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