Monday, July 18, 2005

What if I Astronaut?

In MMB, there is a discussion on "kiasu" parents or Stepford wives/parents. I penned a thought there and expressed that I hope I won't be one. But still, I really am afraid that I somehow, unconciously be one.

For example, I got influenced by papa22beas' facsination with the space. We bought a huge wallpaper-like poster during a sale in IKEA. It is a huge image of the earth, taken from the moon. It is just breathtaking, and only someone who has the oppurtunity to land on the moon will witness that. We were thinking to just fix it on one wall in our current apartment. However, with a plan to move to a new apartment in a few months, I thought I may just keep it till we get there. Now, I have one wall in mind, it is going to be in the kid's bedroom. Their beds will be arranged so that they will stare at the image before they go to sleep. Frankly, I have this tiny part of me wishing that will somehow influence the kids to love space or at least get involved in space research, etc and er...finally become an astronaut. I crazy or what? Is this some kind of "kiasuism", I mean maybe a very minor version of it!

I applied for the angkasawan malaysia programme. I was never interested as I don't think I would stand the slimmest chance. It was papa22beas who forced me into it. I got a confirmation email, informing that they received my application, then there was silence, later the news in the newspaper that they have selected 30 out of 3700, who were shortlisted from about 11,000 applicants. So, that was it, I thought! Then last week, I received an email again, asking me to update my profile. Still have not put much hope, as I may be still in that 11,000 or 3,700 who are being screened again and again for next project, or maybe they are forming a group of researchers and looking for more contenders. I know 2 friends who also applied for this one (who by the way, stand a lot better chance than me), I better ask them if they also receive this notification. Seriously I have no idea but this sentence in the email did rattle me a bit: " Your application to the National ANGKASAWAN programme is being considered for the next phase". It makes me think about it day and night!

By the way, I found a kids book entitled "What if I were Astronaut" in the Payless bookshop last week and bought it for Bea2. A story of a kid who imagines he was an astronaut, travelling to space, landed on some planets, met aliens and finally picked up some stars and brought them back to his mom. It was so sweet! Kids imagination is borderless. I would like to share again a quote that I'd shared in MMB:

“Looking ahead
Wherever you travel on earth, no matter how many borders you cross or cultures you encounter, there is a common source of wonder: children. Children approach all kinds of obstacles and problems with a mind not held back by established thinking, and by doing so they achieve the seemingly impossible. They astound us with the freshness of their fantasy and the originality of their thoughts. With an ease and simplicity that is unparalleled they transcend the borders, walls and barriers that we as adults draw up around us.”

By the way, I'd love to have my blogs to be read by my kids and their kids. So, if one day (aiyoh...before that, I must find out how to archive etc), they do read this, the thought that their mother or grandmother applying for the programme will at least give them a good laugh!


Blogger 5xmom said...

Ros....I am so happy for you! I thought the matter has been scrapped. Even that, I am already terpegun that you applied. So, now, I am totally speechless. I had blogged this in Mom's Daily and even PING it to PPS. Bila you nak PING?

3:20 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Lil oh Lil...ini kes "bertelur sebijik, riuh sekampung" but my case, not even bertelur yet! I don't put too much hope, but it is just that I really want to write about it. We will see how it goes. I also love to see if any applicants do blog about it!
BTW, I'm touched when I looked at Mom's daily, you really know how to turn it into 'something' with your words...but malu pun ada!

5:59 PM  
Blogger Lrong said...

If you got selected ah, I am going to show off to all my friends... "hey, my 'friend' is an astronaut, ok... don't play me ah..."

12:42 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

lrong..haha, it is always nice if we can say such things to friends right? Like that, pray a bit for me, ok? mana tau...ada rezeki I!

2:25 PM  

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