Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bea1's first day in preschool

I'd been talking about sending her to preschool since about two months ago. After looking around and talking to principals in 3 schools in 7 visits, I'd finally decided that today is the D-Day.

She was delighted when I told her that we were really going to the school last night. I showed her what she would be wearing and talked to her on what she would expect there. This morning, she was delighted when she knew, the usual routine had been changed to something even better. Instead of kissing her goodbye at the babysitter's I brought her to my office, cleaned her, combed and pony-tailed the hair. We had breakfast together, and off to the school which is only 2-minutes drive from the office.

We were greeted by one of the teachers at the gate. There was two buildings there, one is for preschoolars (6 years old), the other is for juniors (3-5 years old). The juniors are divided into two groups, and looking at the activities in Bea1's group, I'd rather call it a playschool.

She was a bit shy to talk and mix around, but instantly drawn to the toys. The first things she picked up were dinosaurs, and cars and did not seem to be interested in the kitchen utensils. Think that's because she plays with the real things at home everyday. I just stood there observing her and the other kids. A few times she came up to me to hold me, not much words had been said but that face told me that she was happy to be there. Told her that I would leave her there and go back to the office, and asked if it was ok. She just nodded and went back to the group. I knew she would be just fine. Thought of staying there for 1/2 hour but left after about 15 minutes.
Another step in the milestone for my baby!


Blogger mjey said...


Is Bea1 already 3? Been thinking of sending shaveena to a play school - she is just 2yrs 2months? Wht do you think..too early? Should I wait till she turns 3? She is quite matured..and overly friendly - so m thinking maybe its alrite to send. How?

11:54 AM  
Blogger Twinsmom said...

I also want to go to school...I mean my girls...just watch what my SIL's DD did in the pre-school, definately different experience from what they got at home with reading your post, tempted...tempted...may be send them for those few days wan.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Mrs B said...

Wow, how do you choose a good school? For Suzanne, we relied on recommendation from the neighbours.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

mjey...yup, Bea1 is 3y5m old already. It depends on the school also, the one that I chose take 21/2 yo and up, the other 2 yo. You have to look around...and if you think Shaveena is ok to mix around with other kids, it is one good point already!

twinsmom...yeah, environment is definitely different than home. My main point of sending her is to let mix with other kids, plus playing with a lot more toys that mama and the babysitter can't afford to buy;)

mrs b...not only good but also cheap;). It is actually formed for the U staffs, and maintanence are subsidised. I also got recommendation from other lecturers here. More stories coming up, watch out for my next blog;)!

1:45 PM  

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