Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I'm officially in preschool

It will take forever if I wait for mama to blog this, she is more interested to talk about Bea2's poo, so I've decided to do it myself.

I was on 'trial' for a week before mama decided to officially registered me in. It did not make much difference to me except for after that I got to wear the same shirt (mama calls it uniform) as my friends. The other school charged RM40 for one uniform, but this shirt is only RM7. That really makes mama happy as to her, whatever I wear I always look good to her. Look down a bit and see, my new shoes!


Remember mama mentioned that she was so excited to get me one of those cute bags for girls. We went to two places, but she was not happy with the choices: Barbie is too girly, and she does not like the purple dinosaur...but wait a minute, I though she said she would let me choose. Actually with a lot of other interesting toys in the mall, I just could not stand still to choose a bag. Mama could not make up her mind, and finally took papa's suggestion. So, this is the bag that I bring to school everyday:


Yup, that is the bag given free by the insurance company that comes with the new car. Well it does not matter to me!

School is fun and I just love it. But I don't like it if mama is late to fetch me as I also love having lunch with her!


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