Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Bea2 and bougie(?)

I tried to find another name for suppository (too long!) and here's a definition that I got from

"A small plug of medication designed to melt at body temperature within a body cavity other than the mouth, especially the rectum or vagina. Also called bougie"

So, from now on, I shall call it bougie (don't you like it, funny isn't?).

Like her big sister (and the mother;)), Bea2 hates medicine. Think like a lot of other moms, besides having to worry, sleepless nights, long waits at the clinics I also have to face the challenges to keep medicine in my kids' system. Bea1 now masters the art of throwing up the medicine, especially the cough syrup, phenergen. And out it always be together with lunch or dinner.

So, I'm so grateful when I found out about bougie. I don't know about any other bougie, but the ones that I normally use is for the fever or paracetamol. To me is one of the best things humankind ever invented. Just a little bit of struggle, a little aim, and push and all is done! No towels, no mopping, no puke-smelling hubby and all smiles!

Last week, Bea2 had a fever and off course bougie was all I needed. I brought her the the clinic on Wednesday and asked for a bloodtest (paranoid, as always) but since it was not even 24 hours yet, the doctor just asked to continue with the medicine and if it did not go away on Friday, I had to bring her back. She only had high temperature at nights, so it could be just some viral fever.

Thursday night just before bed, I inserted one bougie. barely 20 minutes later, she let out a huge poo. I was a bit worried as I did not know, once it was in, how long would it take to get fully dissolved and absorbed. Asked papa22beas, he just asked me to look for any traces in the poo. He said that without lifting his eyes from the idiot box, so I knew it was going to be my job. Among the dragonfruit seeds, corns, carrots I just could not find it, and I can tell you it was a tough job!. I thought some might go in and I dare not giving her more, scared of overdose.

The temperature just ceased a bit and the whole night, I had to sponge her body. After 6 hours and following the schedule, I inserted one more bougie. It was about 4 am. When we woke up, I realised there was another small poo again. Had no idea as when she did it, it could be shortly after the bougie. This time also, no traces, maybe all got melted already.

It was Friday, and like the doctor had suggested the bloodtest had to be done. Her temperature was still high at the clinic. The first thing I asked the doctor was how long a bougie would take effect. She said at least half an hour. I mentioned about what had happened the night before, and she just laughed. She said no wonder her temperature did not go down. After taking the blood, one more bougie in. I was asked to wait for the result. I was nursing Bea2 while wiping her back when I smelled some 'aroma'...I was like "Oh no...not again", but yes she did it again and it was only after 15 minutes after the bougie. Third time in a row! But this time, yes I found a tiny pieces of what I believed were the remnants of bougies that did not dissolved!

The result came out and everything was normal. The doctor joked on how my little girl just knew how to get rid of the medicine. She just asked me to continue sponging her till the next time she would receive the medication. And I finally resorted to the liquid! A struggle but luckily it stayed in her body and except for little coughs, she was ok on Saturday!

So, even bougie does not nessecerily work for my girl *sigh*. And in all of my life, I had never imagined that I would have some poo just a few inches away from my face, just to make sure that my kid would get back to good health...but it is all in the name of love, and it is worth it!


Anonymous twinsmom said...

Oh, I definately like to use this name rather than the longer name, which I can never remember how to spell.
Glad your Bea2 OK already, you take care too.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Belacan said...

glad your bea is better now, but really kelakar lar! i am glad my gals didn't give me the poo poo. suzanne will just "don't wanttttt!" heh ;)

5:41 PM  
Anonymous akutakretickpomputeh said...

Off topik, errr..ada simpan album beneath the remains?

10:47 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

twinsmom...yeah, bougie sounds cool:)

belacan...lucky you!

akutakretickpomputeh...adaaaa, kat dalam stor;). Actually album tu la I punya favourite. Yang lepas dari tu, dah tak best sangat!

2:52 PM  
Blogger domesticgoddess said...

i guess inserting the bougie sorta stimulated the anus to have bowel motion... hahhahah... but glad she's ok now.

4:21 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Hey...I never thought of that! Thanks!

2:32 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

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2:32 PM  

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