Thursday, August 04, 2005

A long day at work

My days at work normally go fast. I always have things to do, and if I have classes it is even faster. I had lunch and have fun with Bea1 during lunchtime, and see Bea2 for awhile. Even if I'm bored or no mood to work, there are plenty of interesting blogs to read!

But today, papa22beas have to 'balik kampung' to settle some matters. It is 2 hours drive and he would spent the whole day there. No car for me, and he decided to bring Bea1 with him. So, no lunch with her and also I could not meet my Bea2.

That is still ok, but looking at Bea1 being cleaned and changed to "jalan-jalan" dressing, Bea2 already sensed something was on. Then papa was not in his work clothing. She normally sleeps during the trip to babysitter but today was fully awake. She wailed when we sent her to the babysitter. Everyone was up to something and I was not included, that's what was in her mind.

I wished I could take leave to follow papa22beas and bring both girls but I have classes. I could still cancel them all but next week a group will have their exam. Still I could just leave them to the tutors but I don't think it is fair to them as some are still struggling!

Maybe for some stay-at-home-moms, they can't imagine having to separate from the kids the whole day like the full-time working mom does. I arranged things so that I can see them during lunchtime, but when things happen like today, I also feel the same way, too.

Anyway, papa22beas just called. He will be here in 10 minutes. Soon, very soon I will have my girls in my arms. Must be interesting to know how Bea1's day was!


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