Friday, August 05, 2005

No longer a stranger!

People say when you travel, what would be meaningful about the journey is the people that you meet.

I just received an email from my friend Ian, a Scotsman and a globe-trotting freelance-journalist that I met in London on 29th Sept. 2000. We have been keeping in touch via emails, updating about each other's life and this is what he wrote:

Wow - who would have believed it when I met you on that coach ride from Heathrow to Brisol so long ago!!?? A 7-seater Chevy, a new apartment, a husband and THREE babies.....

I was alone in a foreign land but was so excited, first time 'pijak' UK, mah! I just boarded the 10 pm bus to Bristol from Heathrow. And this man offered to have a conversation with me. He was from his business trip to Spain. We talked for the whole 2-hour trip, I learnt that he would be staying in a guesthouse very near the hotel that I'd be satying in.

The next day, he introduced me to the owner of the guesthouse, a lady from Singapore but married to a British. She rented out a room to me at her flat. Me and Ian became friends instantly and the friendship continues.

He was here in KL twice, had the oppurtunity to taste my "tenggiri masak lemak" while having a conversation with papa22beas about the purchase of the apartment, played with Bea1, bought her books as Christmas gifts and had dinner with me at the Burger King at Sri Hartamas. I was heavily pregnant with Bea2 during his second visit. For the next visit, he will probably meet Bea2 and the new baby for the first time, also see our new apartment! Hopefully it will be at the end of the year.

To me it is amazing how a stranger in a strange land (now that reminds me of Iron Maiden) that I met in a bus stays as a friend for this long!


Blogger ninuk said...

nowadays our virtual travel would also open up opportunity for us to initiate meaningful friendship /friendship-to-be :)

1:18 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Your post reminded me of friends which I had made at strange places - like the airport, on buses, at the LRT station while on holidays. I have lost touch with many but still remain in touch with some. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.

5:12 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Ninuk...yeap, agree;)

Adam...and thanks for visiting mine, too. Think I have many, too but trying to keep in touch is the hardest part *sigh*

4:32 PM  
Blogger Lrong said...

Very nice story... I envy Ian for the "tenggiri masak lemak" thingy... Iron Maiden? I once served them on board while working as a flight steward...

8:52 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

*jump off the chair* what??? *cold sweat, can pengsan anytime* I really don't care if I meet Tom Cruise face to face, but Iron Maiden...I will definitely pengsan! I may be too young to be their follower but my brother got me influenced. There were rumours that they planned to perform here...but you know lah, in this Bolehland! Anyway, it must be an experience...what was it like? Were they er..nice?

9:45 AM  
Blogger domesticgoddess said...

This "globe-trotting freelance-journalist" friend, could he be the famous globe trekker Ian Wright? *wink*

10:26 AM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

haha...that got me LOL, domesticgoddess. Ian (Wright) is just loveable, isn't he? Nope, that's not him. But his frequent 'presence" in our living room, and the way we talk about him make us feel like we have two Ian's as friends!
And again given a choice, I'd rather choose to meet Ian Wright rather than Tom Cruise;).
Anyway, thanks for dropping by here!

10:59 AM  
Blogger Lrong said...

Those guys were fun loving... could have been the alcohol I was serving them... they gave me a bunch of dollar bills but can you believe that I rejected that? Ended up receiving a signed photograph from all of the band members... I stil have it, stored somewhere...

3:35 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Wah jeles la. Must tell the story to my hubby and brother..."you know my 'friend' once served Iron Maiden in a flight..bla,bla"

5:32 PM  

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