Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's Langkawi now!

Continuing from yesterday in Kangar, hubby went out to work for two hours and returned to have us checked out. The manager of the branch office bought us lunch, a truly Perlis kampung threat. And we had ikan puyu too, hard to find them at our place.

We drove to Kuala Perlis to take the ferry. It was a very challenging trip for us. It was too hot for Adel, Bea3 had her diaper soiled and I just could not bring myself to clean her in the toilet there. Hubby later carried her in a backpack carrier and the very exhausted 2-year-old fell asleep, it was just crowded but luckily moving in and outboard, two gentlemen helped us hold one of the kids' hand.

Bea3 sensed something fun in her sleep, woke up and joined the sisters to run around in the ferry.

We rented a Wira, made a stop at the airport to to get my tickets for the second conference.
We only arrived at the resort at 7 pm, got a little surprised as this time the organiser has the budget to have it there. Plus to me it is hard to work in a place like that, I cursed a little;).

Got the kids showered and off to dinner. They were all too tired and hungry. They ate but later got really fussy, I could not eat and tapau some food. Kids dosed off in the car, and again another challenge to bring everyone back as it was quite a long walk to our studio (er...that's what they call the room).
Thought of eating my dinner and later started to work on my presentation, but I was completely konked out once I hit the sack. Planned for a little rest while waiting for hubby to finish using the bath. I only realised how tired I was the next morning as I was awaken by the sound of the waves.

After breakfast, hubby brought the kids to the water while I tried to work with Adel around. He then brought them to the office, giving me a few hours of serious work while Adel napped. It was hardt to work in such environment. They came back but hubby had to go again, and would only be back around midnight. Luckily I finished part of my work. So much for fun that I planned to have with the kids earlier. They didn't get the usual nap, I prayed they would go to bed early

We did some walking around, I didn't know that a skinny mom, with a small baby in a carrier running around to catch a 2-year-old, while yelling not to do this and that to a 3 and 5year-olds could attract such attention from some tourists.

I realised that the battery of the camera was too weak and I forgot the charger. Didn't really feel bad about that, and I tried playing around with the camera in the notebook.

That's the view from the balcony. Hotel staf are busy preparing for the open-air dinner party on the left. I could only watch as I would surely miss it. Anyway, someone said she would tapau me some food. Was entertained a bit watching my girls danced to the traditional music from the show but they also begged me to join the party.

It is a bit quite now as Bea3 just dosed off to join Adel and Bea1 to dreamland. Bea2 is watching TV, no more running around. Party's over and staf are busy tidying, where is my food?

I just confirmed with the staf to get the babysitting service from 9 to 12 tomorrow. Two nannies for RM8 per pax per hour. Originally RM10 but I bargained;). We will drive back to KL in the afternoon, and my crazy plan stays. I will fly back to Langkawi and return in the afternoon on Tuesday and Thursday.

Now, normally this would be a good time to resume work when all kiddos asleep but the sound of waves kind of distracting. The best thing to do is to have a cuddle with hubby but he is not back yet. And my food is not here yet, too.

Well, just have to get the presentation slides done. Will be back for more stories! Thanks for reading.


Blogger Yatie said...

When I 'm reading this, I felt tired. I don't how you manage all this

8:38 AM  
Anonymous mrs b said...

wow, that's juggling kids and work and holiday. Don't think I can ever manage that :)

5:49 PM  
Blogger PrettyMommie said...

Betul kata Yatie, i pulak yang exhausted lepas baca ur post. Tapi in ur para 7,i pun selalu xperience the same condition with my kids too. 4 kids ranging from age 6,5,3 and 3months. Memang mulut tak boleh nak diam lah..Asyik bebel je ngan budak2. But i salute u, so patient despite all the works and the kids.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

Yatie, most of the time I don't realised how tired I am till I hit the sack. But normally I got up and perky again only after a few hours of solid sleep.

Mrs B...what to do, will bring the kids with me when they still want to follow. And it's hard to even call it a holiday, but the girls seemed to enjoy it!

prettymommie...thanks, you make me feel that I'm just one normal mom...yours are so close in age, too. I should read ur blog more often.

3:21 AM  
Blogger PrettyMommie said...

Dear m22B, my main blog is more of a blog+shop. All about my kids are at

You are always welcome to visit all my blogs. Thanks.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous blackcadillac73 said...

Just curious ... was it Mutiara Burau Bay that you stayed in? The picture looks really familiar, especially that staircase leading to the next chalet.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Mama22Beas said...

prettymommie...yup, I remember seeing your blog-shop. Will check the other blog too.

blackcadillac73...yes, you guess it right. Love the place, wish we have more money to spend more time there.

1:37 PM  

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