Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Choosing a mattress also a headache!

Eight years and almost 5 kids later, hubby finally complained that the mattress has became too soft for him. Well, I thought he should be aware that he is gaining weight more and more that the mattress also cannot tahan already.

Anyway, being a loving wife that I am, I'm more concerned about his back. And I'm aware about all the hypes about how imporatant a good mattress is. So it's time to buy a new mattress at....where else if not Ikea!

We waited for the Bedroom Weeks Sales as only during this time they have the service to dispose the old mattress for free. We'd love to change our rickety bed as well but no free disposal for that. That's really a problem for us.

We bought both also from Ikea, on sales for less than RM700 8 years ago. That time we didn't really know how to choose a mattress, all bantai aje.

Anyway, I just love the way they make our life easier by putting something like this in the catalogue:

That exactly sound like hubby, easy peasy...but wait a sec. How about the partner who has all the opposites of the above, with half of the weight. Anyway, I somehow thought that firm was generally always good.

Though I hate weekend crowd, we did a trip to Ikea on Sunday for hubby to test the mattresses there. What I had in mind was we must find the most firm type which they say suitable for those who are heavy. And hubby's weight is already in the range that needs the most firm type. And I don't think hubby would shed his kilos, only gain.

He suggested that we chose something in between firm and soft, but that time I could not concentrate as my mind was kind of made up. Plus with the kids fighting over food (having dinner at the cafe) and the crowd, I could not think straight. So we chose one spring 26 cm mattress, a matress pad and a waterproof mattress protector. The second most expensive Ikea purchase after the kitchen cabinet. Thanks to the zero-interest monthly payment for Ikea Friends.

But I made a deal with hubby before that. The mattress must be in the master bedroom, that also means we would finally move out from the girls' room. He was reluctant, saying that they were not ready. But I was adamant that there won't be any space for the new baby in that room any more.

When he is reluctant I can't rely too much on him. So yesterday, while waiting for the delivery with the help of a Phillipino maid from a cleaning service, I dissembled and reassembled a daybed and part of a queen bed, and switched places. Daybed to girls' room and queen bed to master room. It was tiring, I was drenched in sweat but we laughed a lot. It was good to do that with a total stranger. I stick to the same company but I never had the same maid twice.

Later, I welcome our new mattress and bid farewell to the old almost dilapidated one. A bit sad and embarrassed too as it has stains all over milk (mostly breast milk of course), pee (from the kids of course) and DNA maybe...hehe!

Hubby made the effort to 'reinforce' the bed a bit at night. Tighten screws, a little ketuk here and there...and after that's not that rickety any more!

I felt satisfied...the day's hardwork paid off, I thought. Just according to the deal with Bea1, I must stay with them in their room till they are asleep, then only I could leave. I did that and fell asleep too. Woke up and was eager to try our new mattress the first time.

But far from what I expected, I just tossed and turned for hours, I tried to snuggle closer to hubby for comfort but something was just not right. Not because I missed the girls, or Adel kept kicking me....I felt just a little comfortable than laying on a piece of a wood plank. And I missed my old mattress...arghhh!

I tried laying on it again this morning, trying to be comfortable on it...but still it was too hard to me. It was not feel that bad in the showroom.

Yes, I'm happy with the 100-day return policy that Ikea is giving now but I just feel so tired. Now I think, I should try the ones in between the firm and soft. I should have done it and escape the hassle.

I flipped the catalogue again. Since we bought the expensive mattress pad (for spring mattress), we are stuck with it as it is non-returnable unless we choose a spring mattress again. The pad is quite thick and now I don't think we need that thick mattress. From what I saw the prices are a lot cheaper. Ikea will give vouchers for refunds but I have promised myself that I was not going to get big Ikea stuffs for some time after the purchase. Well, I may have to sell them I guess.

I will definitely change the mattress and I hope I won't make the mistake twice. Hubby won't like it when he finds this out. When the time comes...I will put the "Ikea Vouchers for Sale" ads the meantime, guess I have to squezze with Adel on the sofabed in the girls' room *sigh*.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

milk, pee and DNA..hehe funny lor...


7:03 PM  
Blogger Julie H. Rose said...

I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your Ikea mattress, too. My husband sent me a link to your blog. Here's a link to mine:
where I talk about the terrible experiences we've had. If you have a twitter account, post lots of messages about your experience. I'm trying to get satisfaction. I want them to give me my money back, but so far, they don't even respond to any of my complaints. I had thought Ikea was a good store! It's very upsetting.

5:34 AM  

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