Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"I'm pregnant not sick"

It was almost 12 pm today when we reached the foothill of Gunung Senyum, somewhere in the middle of palm oil estate in Temerloh, Pahang. I was with a friend and an Iraqi PhD student.

I saw two MSc students waiting for us. The arrangement was, a ranger would take us in but he was nowhere to be seen. They told me he left with a visitor, one of the most prominent and active caver in Malaysia. I knew he was coming as I talked to him yesterday but he told me he would be out from the cave just about time that I supposed to arrive.

Anyway, both ranger and caver were almost at the entrance when I (dengan begitu greamnya, macam singa lapar) called them. Ranger confidently said, since it was students third time there he was sure they could bring us in. It was my third time too but the first one was like ages ago, and I could be easily lost in malls, what more hutan hijau tropika!

But we moved on...walking in no prob as it was down a slope all the way but we spent about an hour trying to locate the entrance ofthe specific cave. Since I'm 32-week (I think, lost count already lah) or 8 month pregnant, I was not going to be moving around and left it to the students. Actually ada sedikit upset as I thought they should have tried harder to stop the ranger as I already made the arrangement last week.

Anyway, both caver and ranger did their job fast and suddenly I received a receiving tone from the caver's phone. Told him, we would wait for him somewhere.

We finally met them, I would terkam ranger like singa lapar if not due to the presence of the caver. ...thought ranger would follow us in. But he apologised and apologised saying that his mom is warded and he had to be out of there. Again said he was confident students could bring us in. The word mom being warded really softened singa lapar a bit.

I asked what if we didn't get out. He said with a smile, he would arrange a search party tomorrow morning...grrrr!

And he gave me one look and sigh "Macam ni pun mau datang lagi (referring to my tummy)". I asked "What?" pretending I didn't get him.

Anyway, we managed to finish everything. Getting there was quite streaneous especially to a 8-month-pregnant lady;) and it was almost up and up the slope all the way back. Back and forth was almost 4 hours walk.

All I wanted was a hot shower at home, and later a back massage by hubby's magical hands. But we don't have water-heater, home was still at least 4 hours away and hubby is outstation and will only be back tomorrow...huhuhu!!

I remember his words last night. "Don't go, let the students do it". I said "I don't trust them..."

I remember I asked a Californian lady geologist during a trip to Gunung Buda in Sarawak when I was 5-month preggie with Bea2 "Would you be doing this if you are 5 month pregnant". She said "No way...I would curl on my sofa with the aircond on".

The Iraqi kept asking me "Are you ok?". Got tired with that I said "I'm pregnant, not sick!".

So, what all the hassle are about. Let me share with you a bit:

This is what we call stalactite or soda straw. Rainwater percolates through cracks in the limestone cover, dissolved the rock and depending on the saturation may or may not form the stalactite or stalagmite. Observe the tip and you can see the tiny bit of water. We wait for it to drip and it takes ages and it drives us crazy.

Why it is important? Because it carries the information about among other things, certain elements from the rain that could tell about the climate.

And when it drops and form this:

the information about the climate is preserved along the growth of the stalagtite. When we have the date of the tite, we know when for example the history of the changes of the climate thousands of years ago!

So, that's the reason why a 8-month pregnant lady was adamant that she should do the trip.

Well, anyway...that's one of my passion I'd say. And I'm glad I'm making a living out of it too.

And many goes oooh and ahhh when they got to know that I'm doing the Mothering Mothers at the same time. Think one comment from Shamira explains it:

"Been busy in my own world lately and so am glad to have someone like you to steer this and bring us back into realities of life"

Yes, a lot of time I'm too busy that I tend to be too comfortable with my life that I forget about the reality. So, that's why I gave a slap on my face last week (after being bugged by another mom, you know who you are;)), and went ahead with it eventhough at the same time I was sceptical that I could make it with such a short time. Alhamdulillah for the responce so far.

Anyway, about being 8-month preggie and in out of caves. is too risky sometimes but I try to pray to Almighty all the time to keep me away from harm and I just believe my instinct. That's how I do it, Alhamdulillah though challenging, all goes well.

Ok now I should be in bed. Keep the spirit high for Mothering Mothers ok!


Blogger kakchik said...

waaa so fast update eh...anyway thanks for a tired but nice trip..will follow u again if i hv a chance..
psttt...for the next..Palembang..I already got a permission...hehe!

9:15 AM  
Anonymous lyza said...

U crazy woman!!!!

..but I really admire u, nevertheless ..

U sound like my mom ... when she fractured her arm and I offered her to stay at my place vs her staying alone and eating reheated roti canai ..she said ... "I just fractured my arm .. i am not an invalid!!!"

U take care ...

Actually, the busier u r ... the more time u have for other things ... coz u are so used to manage ur time properly ...(*we're not worthy!!!!)...

1:32 PM  
Blogger Sathiya said...

woman ... u still going strong lar !!! .. My Salute to u lar ..

4:58 PM  

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