Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kids develop in funny ways sometimes

I remember Bea1 started to cruise around the house, holding furniture or the cot to stand up at about 9 months old. She did that for a while, and then stopped. There was very little moments of 'bertatih' for her.

Until a day after her birthday, she just got up and walked and from that moment no looking back for her. I thought in all that 3 months, the muscle of her legs (or whatever) has been developed for proper walking but my girl just found cruising too slow that she preferred to crawl.

Bea3 had been talking just like her sisters since about she was a year old. I'm not sure if I can call it baby-talk but she used to only pronounce the last 'sukukata' (aiseh I can't remember what they call it in English). Up till she turned 3, she could tell a story but only with the last sukukata for each word. Was a bit worried then, but I thought it was not that she was not talking...only the pronounciation. It was challenging to understand her sometimes, frustrating too.

Right after her 3rd birthday, all of a sudden words flowed smoothly that it really surprised everybody. Her opah, atuk and my parents were all surprised to listen to her talking. Such a drastic change, they said and I could not agree more.

I thought all this while she had been absorbing words but I just don't know why only then she says them loud. Now, I get something like this from her:

We were driving to school one morning
Bea3: Mama, Nisha nampak mama kat situ.
Mama: Mana?
Bea3: Situ (pointing to the front screen)
Mama:Oh, itu imej mama.
Bea3: Kenapa mama ada kat situ?
Ok, you get the drift...

Just something to share before I head off to dropping and fetching again. I'm sure some parents experience that too....ciao!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay! she's a big gal now...


7:46 PM  
Blogger mama23beas said...

Yes ke...and a handful too!

11:55 AM  
Blogger Min said...

I don't know how you do it, Ros. Always thought you're a super woman!

6:52 AM  

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