Tuesday, April 21, 2009

With a recipe like this, I don't have to wait for weekend to bake

I had all stuffs ready for yet another baking adventure (I mean trying out new recipes) on Sunday. But it just didn't happen for various reasons.

I had to wait for that, but I had some pathetic looking brown bananas needed to be rescued. I was so glad that I found this recipe. Easy peasy, no need for mixer, less cleaning up.

In fact I did that while coaching Bea1 with her spelling last night. Thank God for the tiny apartment, she in the living and me the kitchen and we were just yelling to one another.

I just love looking at the batter rising up in the oven.

3 bananas, 2/3 cup corn oil, 1 cup milk, 3 cups flour (I just used self-rising flour) and 1 cup sugar give us 20 medium-sized (the square tins), 24 mini muffins and a flat (less batter left) loaf of banana cake. Plenty for Bea1 to bring to both schools, Bea2 and Bea3 to kindy, to be shared with the babysitter and for teatime today.

Thought of having them plain but Bea2 insisted to help out. Wished we have those colourful sprinkles but the choc chips were fine too. Thought i would see the common banana cake look, but all I got was smooth texture inside. Maybe due to over-blending.

Kids love it, I love it...will definitely bake it again. An excellent alternative to the boring oily cokodok pisang!


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Salaam, thanks for dropping by and trying it up. Salam kenal..

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