Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A post GE joke

I'm attending a 21/2 week course which started on last Tuesday. Everyone just can't help it but to still talk about the general election. One of the speakers shared a joke that he received via sms on Sunday morning, a day after GE. It goes something like this, and I write it in Bahasa:

Harga minyak turun tapi hanya di 5 buah negeri: Minyak cap kapak di Pulau Pinang, minyak kelapa di Perak, minyak gamat di Kedah, minyak kuda di Kelantan (still wondering why kuda!) and just as we were wondering about Selangor, he said "Di Selangor takde minyak, taik minyak ada la!"

Ok, maybe it's not that funny but it kept me wide awake throughout his speech!

I hope that's something for a filler post before I get the momentum to kick-off blogging again after such a hiatus.