Thursday, December 18, 2008

What I've been up to

I woke up on that Saturday morning, thinking what to make for breakfast. Thanks to Lil again, I ended up with something delish for everybody.

But no matter how hard I tried, nothing really worked to cheer me up as the news about the landslide hit me first in the morning.

Memories of some people from a residents association coming over to our office to listen to my ex-boss' presentation on the geology and risks of landslides around that area, way in 2003 came up my mind. I could already sense his frustration with the latest incidence.

Well, a lot of time last week spent reading and listening to discussions. Was contemplating to write a post about it but I had lost the plot already. Anyway, Alhamdulillah, a fellow
blogger and her family is safe.

Another trip to a cave

Yesterday, I drove up to Gopeng with a professional photographer, a PhD student and a friend for some cave photography. That's actually for the books (now having two manuscripts, instead of one).

Hubby was supposed to join us and took a day-off but suddenly changed his mind in the morning. Was a bit upset but i just said 'Alrightie then, you stay with the kids at home!'. He said "Leave the car". I said "It was you who suggested that we take our car, I didn't make any arragement to borrow the department's 4WD...well, there are two fish, 5 eggs and some vege in the fridge, you will survive!"

With a little prayer, and a chin up I went out the house. The kids were still asleep.

I was expecting to see the apartment to be upside down when I got back in the evening, but what I saw was a freshly mopped floor. A bunch of kids (all in one piece..hehe) that went "Mamaaaaa....!" with streached arms to receive hugs. They then made me listen to their story of how they helped papa putting away toys. We ate KFC dinner while watching the new 007 movie. Such bliss!

Unexpected call for work!

There will be an internatinal conference to be held in KL in March. I've been trying to avoid outstation or even overseas trip, and always on a look-out for those to be held here. So this one is a must.

But I've been slow to prepare, my students already sent two abstracts to me. I've already checked and finalised them. Now, I'm having a problem with mine. I have not decided what to present.

The dateline for abstract submission has passed but I was still indecisive.

Only just now, the phone rang. On the other line was the organiser, surprisingly. He asked for my abstracts, he knew I was interested and called to give a little nudge.

I was glad he called, that's all I want now...a little nudge to finally make a decision and get the momentum to kick-off with the writing!

I'm out of here!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sharing an old pic

Am writing a paper, ideas do not seem to flow in nicely and I decided to share an old pic:

It was July, 2005. Bea1 was in her uniform, she just started the playschool/kindy for a few days. I registered her in in the middle of the year as I thought she was not ready. She loved it, other times that she didn't love it was due to some reasons. The were solved quickly, though.

She bid farewell to her kindy teachers on Friday, looking forward to Standard 1. She said all she got to do then was "Belajar, belajar, belajar!". I said "Tahu takpa"..with a smile. She didn't get the idea from me, ok!

I think I'm a bit nervous when I let her move into yet another big milestone, I complained about the education system but I could not do much about it. I complained because of what I'm facing now in the uni. Anyway I think it is not fair for me to complain much as I'm the product of it.

Yes, hear it from a mother and an educator with a PhD, who is trying her best to do her challenging job well educating other parents' 'children'.

The rambling deserves a specific entry, hopefully soon.

Anyway, I looked bigger than usual, as I was 7 months preggie with Bea3. We were at a Pizza Hut with one of my friends.

Now, back to work, I am!