Thursday, July 26, 2007

Still kicking and counting....

My boy is still kicking inside, and as for the girls...
Bea1 - we started counting down from 30, a month before the due date. She has lost count many times, and restart many think she has given up. But keep asking when, when and when. She asked to be in the labour room (too much of birth stories in Astro DH&H with me), convinced me that she would just watch and be nice. Talked to my doc., she said she strongly disagreed. Besides, it wouldn't be fair to Bea2 as I'm sure she wants it too. A little bit of explanation, Bea1 seemed to understand. She is always the easy one!
Bea2 - she sees my tummy as the baby. She would kiss it, and once asked if the baby had toys in there. Knowing that there's none, she started putting toys on my tummy, especially when I lied down to get some rest, for the baby to play with. Normally, I just let her do whatever she wants. And a few nights ago, I had pink "Princess" and "Barbie" stickers on my tummy!
Bea3 - well she just follows whatever the sisters do. She loves to put a blanket on my tummy and pat the baby (or me) to sleep! I just pray she would adjust to a new environment of having a little brother fast.
Hopefully, the next time I'm here it is to share some good news...thanks for reading!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Nope, not yet....

I'm having a prob to answer to the comments in my previous post, so here's another entry!

Haariz's Mommy, also a pregnant mama just like a lot of other people I know also want to know "Dah ke belum?". In fact my mom has been calling me over and over, it was a bit weird as I thought since this is her 27th grandchild, I though she should not feel that overwhelmed. Hubby said, probably she thought I might have a plan to just 'keep quiet' and escape the confinement under her care. I would not do that, definitely!
That's the pic of the last check-up on Saturday. It sure looks crowded in there but he is just comfortable I guess. I only gain some weigh enough to get my ideal weight. That's enough to describe how small I'm. People still think I'm in my 6th month.
We tried to get a good image, but he kept moving. At one point the image was so good, almost like a 3-D image(I still refused to spend money on that). Beautiful and already a chubby baby we saw. But he kept moving and this is all we have.
The doc showed the movement of his tummy as he breathed. That's a good indication that he is ready, it was just amazing, the doc never showed me that with the girls.
He weighs 2.8 kg now, an increase of 300 g from previous Saturday. I'm feeling less nervous now, maybe knowing that a lot have been done in the last few days. And I'm still working, doing a little bit here and there. No, in fact I'm quite busy but I'm really taking things slow.
Praying now for a smooth labour, a healthy and beautiful baby in my arms soon, an easy time for the girls at the babysitter's while hubby and me at the hospital, and hopefully an internet connection at my kampung (that's where I head right from the hospital for the confiment).
Will definitely come back for updates!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Counting down for Baby Boy (Part 3)- Everything was just too overwhelming!

This post was originally written on the July, 3rd

1. Everyday now, I look at the tickers, and counting down to the new baby's arrival makes me overwhelmed by feelings I can't describe. I remember vividly the feeling when I hung tiny jumpers, booties, mittens etc to dry after the first wash, just before the arrival of Bea1. I had the same feeling with both Bea2 and Bea3, I thought for subsequent babies, I would not have that but yes I did have that. I have not done any shopping for the new baby, thought of doing it last weekend but something just came out. But I received a surprise gift from a mom, someone I know through the internet and met for the first time on Sunday. It is a a cute jumper for my baby, his very first and I could not help smiling whenever I look at it...ahhh this fuzzy wuzzy feeling!
Update: We bought some clothes for the boy already, but funny in the shop, I was still attracted to girl's clothing, though;)

2. I was still a bit upset the whole day at work, after the incident with the dining table when I looked at my mails. Among them was a congratulatory note that the application for my second research project had been approved. Again, I felt overwhelmed and almost screamed with joy. Also nervous, as eventhough I hope I get it and felt positive about getting it and spent a lot of time writing a proposal and planned for a budget etc., part of me said it was ok not to get it as I was not sure of my ability to handle it.
With it comes a few trips, and I plan to bring the whole family with me.
First it will be a fieldtrip to Palembang, Ranau, Maninjau and, Bukittinggi and Padang in Sumatera. I was hoping to do it last June but had it postponed due to the delayed approval. With the money that we have, we might be able to make another trip to Medan and Danau Toba. There will be other people accompanying me to the field, and I have no idea on how to let hubby handle all kids by himself. I think of having my baby in a sling all the time with me, if I have to.
Updated:It is almost confirmed now the first trip will be in Nov and the second in early Feb. Can't wait!
Pic taken from here
After that, hopefully in April/May, a trip to Aberyswyth, UK. I will carry out labwork for 2 weeks and I hope we can stay another week for holiday. This will strictly depends on money, as it definitely cost us almost an arm and a leg! But I try to make it simple, though I wish to carry out the work myself but still if we can't, the last resort would be sending a student. There is no way for me to go without the whole clan.
3. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm just technically-challenged. It is a surprise that I made the effort to have a blog. I didn't even know why my sidebar moved to the bottom, stayed there for many months and suddenly appeared at the side again. As for a computer, I know how to switch on off, using some programs to draw diagrams and make posters for presentations. That's it, even for simple upgrading, I would yell for the staff that we call "the IT guy";).
And I'd been avoiding working at home. To me home is strictly for the family and resting, but now time spent in the office is lesser and I'm getting more comfortable to do some work at home. So, I decided on a laptop, also to bring along during my incoming trips. I wanted something simple but must be light, one thing led to another. I finally settled with something and got again overwhelmed by those things that come with it. When it arrived, almost the whole day it just sat on my table, looking miserably at me.
Update: Now, I'm getting used to my new other baby and comfortable using it everyday at home, and learn to fully utilise it very slowwwwwly. No idea if I can really work when the baby is around, but I'm much calmer now.
There, another long rambling from a very pregnant mama!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Counting down for Baby Boy (Part 2) - The last two trips

I mean before the baby's arrival. There will be many more to come. I waited for the 34th week of pregnancy, like what the doctor advised and tried to rest. Once that's over, I was back moving around again.
First trip:Gua Tempurung
On Friday the 6th, hubby and I went to Gua Tempurung for some sampling for my work.
We went to the entrance and did a little discussion with the rangers, and planned to return after Friday prayer fro real work. And a few kilometers away from Gopeng, the department 4x4 vehicle just gave up, we heard some hissing sound from the radiator and that was it! I won't go into detail on this. After a few calls, we decided to push (not me, the husband of course) the car to a nearby villager's compound and leave it for the office staff to settle it.

And later there was a 37-week pregnant woman, a determined lady geologist who thought nothing would stop her from doing her job, at a roadside trying to stop any car that passed by to bring her back to her work site. The conversation went like this:

Pregnant geologist: How come la no bus here?
Hubby: HELLO! When was the last time you board a bus in Malaysia?
Pregnant geologist: Hey people, can't you see a pregnant woman here?
Hubby: People don't even care if they see someone 'terbongkang' (er...dunno how to translate) here, pregnant woman is nothing la.
Anyway, we managed to get the bus to Gopeng, and a cab back to Gua Tempurung. We did a little bit of climbing, something I would not advise any pregnant woman at any stage to do, except if she is a geologist...hehe. It was slippery and hubby was on 'standby' at my back all the time. I finally got what I want, but pity hubby and one ranger who had to carry my sample. We left the sample at the entrance and got my office staff to bring back with the car once it was fixed.

I packed a set of clean clothes for hubby but not for me. Thought it would be a dry trip inside the cave, and I didn't bring my caving suit as I was sure I could not fit it anymore. Luckily we found an overalls in the bag that we brought, used to belong to my late-bro-in-law, and it just fit nicely. Asked hubby to take photo of me in it, for a keepsake to show to the baby but he was not in the mood after carrying samples heavier than the pregnant wife;).
So, I took this before changing:
Happy with the overalls, if not other passengers in the bus (on the way back to KL) had to bear with the smell of guano;).
Second trip: Dark Caves, Batu Caves
Now, I'm preparing a team member, two students in my research group and some cavers from the Malaysian Nature Society to do some works in Baling in end August. Though I hate to think that I'm not going, I'd rather let it go for my newborn baby anytime;).
We did some discussion, and some demo at the Dark Caves last Sunday. Some other students followed us too. I had not been there before, when one of the cavers told me about there was no other way but to climb the stairs (not to the top, but almost). Told him, I better prepare to give birth on Monday. Anyway, I did a check-up on Saturday, once the doc said the baby was not engaged yet, I confirmed the meeting. Hubby stayed home with the girls.

It was raining but it was also nice, we just did walking, no crawling in narrow passages and climbing but that was already enough to make the cavers in awe with me. Over and over I told them, I love caves and I'm doing my job....but sometimes that made me embarrased too.

In the pic, you know who the professional cavers and who are not!
There are still things to be done, but think now I"m pretty ready to have my boy in my arm. Anyway, would it be nice to have a birthday on 20.07-2007 and better still 27.07.2007?. I just let my boy decides;).

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Counting down for Baby Boy (Part 1)

All the talks about a new baby in mama's tummy didn't really get much attention from Bea2. She just could not imagine, maybe with mama's small tummy. Till she realised that it grows bigger, in addition the scan pics. Both of the elder girls now love to kiss the baby whenever they see mama's bare tummy, thought I'd snap a pic of it...with my tummy covered, of course!

Fulltime (SAHM) or part-time mom (FTWM)

5xmom wants to know what would be my choice:fulltime or parttime mom.
Then I became a victim of the same tag bySimon.

~~~Instructions (taken from 5xmom) ~~~Here’s how it works:
1. So easy peasy, if you were given a choice, would you be a SAHM or FTWM? Just provide 3 good reasons.
2. Include your post link to the list below and Finally,
3. Tag other mommies

1. Immomsdaughter prefers to be a SAHM
2. Miche prefers to be a SAHM too.
3. SweetPea is happy being a PTWM
4. AllThingsPurple choose to be a WAHM
5. Dr. Bernard Chan is both Mom and Dad
6. 5xmom wants the best of both worlds.
7. Simon still dreams of being SAHD
Mama23beas is comfortable juggling work and family.

Though a lot of times it is always a tough decision for a mom to made, I believe it all depends on circumstances. As for myself, long before I have kids I know that I would love to have a bunch of them and I just planned ahead.

But before that, I must found something that I’m passionate about, something that I think I would do for a long time. It was not hard for me, during the final year in the uni I decided I wanted to continue doing research, the best place for me to stay is a university. And I also avoided being bonded, just in case suddenly I just feel like dropping everything and stay home. By the way, I have tried staying home with the 3 girls for 2 months, it was not bad at all. The only thing missing that time was high-speed internet access.

Even before having kids, I thought I would not like the idea of having to be away from them 9 hours in a stretch , and that does not include commuting. I would be happy to at least be with them during lunchtime. And I always believe in nature, and breastfeeding is just natural and something that I would definitely do. Long before I know about breastpump, about that breastmilk can be stored in the fridge for days and even months, I planned to have a babysitter near my office so that I can at least nurse my baby during lunch.

That’s what I thought and I worked to get what I dreamed of. And I believe in being true to myself, if I think certain situation does not fit me or I’m not comfortable with, I would try to adjust.
It was a little tough before we moved in our new home, due to the time spent on the road. Now the school and my office are just 5-10 minutes away, the babysitter 10-15. Thanks to having a job with a flexible working time, on normal day after preparing the girls for school and sending the little one to the babysitter, I only can start working at 10 am, by 12.30 I see them again at school and listen to their school tale. I spend 1 ½ hours with them, nursing (and expressing when I need) the two younger ones before returning to work, a lot of times having lunch with them.

By 5.30-6 pm, I see them again. I still manage to cook simple dinners, not everyday though and spend the time with the kids like any mom would in the evening.

Of course there are times when I wonder, by being a working mom, would I be able to raise happy, well-developed kids. Knowing them, I’m sure my kids are well-taken care of by us with the help from the greatest babysitter.

By the way, think I have indicated many times that I have a very supportive hubby whose helps range from following me to my fieldtrips to being the one who clean the kids bottom almost everynight. By the way, if we can afford it, I always love to have hubby as a SAHD;).

I’m just comfortable with the nature of my job. I plan my own schedule for my research, choose my own area to suit me. For trips, my family follows when I have to stay overnight. I had left Bea1 for 5 days to follow a group of American scientists and cavers to Sarawak when she was 1 ½ years old. The trip was wonderful but I would not do that again. The other nights away from me are when I stayed in the hospital after giving birth to her little sisters, and one of the nights was spent with the father.

With the way I do things, think sometimes I can’t even call my job as a career. By the way, I never look at myself as a career woman. My inclination is always towards the family more.
With that, at this moment I’m pretty sure I’d stay as a working mom. Anyway, I refuse to call myself a part-time mom, just for the reason that I’m working.

That's already more than 3 reasons, right. By now, I'm sure you know I tend to get carried away. Now, who are next?

1. Suzette

Monday, July 09, 2007

Tagged for Charity - Darul Izzah Orphanage

This has been initiated by Bro Idham and I'd been tagged by NJ. I've been telling myself to do this fast. Thought I'm too late but I just read that Idham is still adding the number of contributors, though it now exceeds 100 as targetted.

The rule as copied from NJ:
Okay, this is the rule. If you are tagged, you need to write an entry related to the meme. At the end of your entry you just need to tag as many bloggers as you like. You will then leave a comment in their blog to let them know they have been tagged. And to include this message, "By doing this meme you are contributing RM127 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage".

1. A person is only as good as .........what he/she really inside
2. Friendship is always .........meaningful and refeshing
3. To love is, cherish, care and er...have sex with;)
4. Money makes me.........happy sometimes
5. I miss mom
6. My way of saying I care is by ......lots of hugs
7. I try to spread love and happiness by......being myself;)
8. Pick the flowers think someone would love to have them
9. To love someone is to.......same as no 2
10. Beauty is..........something I have problem to define;)
11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was.......being away from the family for the first time in a school
12. When I was twenty one, I remember..........discovering my passion: geology
13. I am most happy when ..........I'm with the family
14. Nothing makes me happier than .........same as no 13
15. If I can change one thing, I will change.....the car battery/tyre myself (if need to) without bothering hubby
16. If smiles were.......meant to be given more to my loved ones, then it more and more (hope I'm making sense)
17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could........have that free flow of cappucino at Ikea again (can't think of anything else right now!)
18. If you want to loved then you have to yourself first (again, hope I'm making sence here)
19. Money is not everything but.......I simply need it!
20. The most touching moments I have experienced is......having my babies in my arms for the first times while hubby beaming with joy
21. I smile when..........I look at my kids
22. When I am happy, I....try to let everyone knows
23. If only I don't have to .....endure labor pain, then......I would not have the chill whenever I feel those Braxton Hicks!
24. The best thing I did yesterday was.........clipping hubby's finger and toenails
25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title,"Karst in Malaysia"...whatever that means;)
26. One thing I must do before I die is........go for the haj
27. Doing this meme, I feel like ..............of course contributing/supporting Bro Idham in his noble charity cause.

Now, I'm tagging the ever-charitable Ninuk;)

Updates on response from Ikea

Ninuk would like to know about further reponse from Ikea about the
shattered dining table, think those who have commented earlier would too.

I received another email from them, saying that they like to make arrangement to collect the table for inspection. Hey, I thought they would come out with something like that (though part of me didn't really put too much hope), and I waited and have not thrown the glasses yet. We keep it in a box. But they didn't really say the wanted the glass, I mean most probably people would throw the glass right away, and what would be left is only the frame.
Called my DIY-guy-wannabe hubby, he said he still wanted the frame. To me, it is already an eyesore and quietly I wished to get rid of it. Anyway, I convinced him that it is just "menyemak".

And the best part is, as an act of goodwill (that's the words), they will give us a voucher (of course to be spent at Ikea) of RM200. Hubby just agreed but I have not replied to them. Now, the price of the table was RM399, I assumed the replacement only covers the top, plus the 'traumatic' experience we had when the glass shattered, should I ask more?

Hehe, I'm kidding only la.

Anyway, after considering that we will have a little boy soon in the house, and think we were given enough warning on how a boy can be more boisterous than girl, hubby suggested something tough that would not topple or shatter, for a new table, and it must be able to accomodate the still-growing family;). Something like a Bjursta...I'm drooling already!

Pic taken from here.

But it is way of our budget, and hubby suggested we decide after the baby's out;), so the wait for a new dining table continues. In the meantime, the girls fully utilise the kid's table, and the parents continue to have TV dinner/lunch/breakfast.