Thursday, January 26, 2006

This day, 4 years ago... Beatrisya was born.

But I have enough of trips down memory lane by now:). Will write about her birthday.

It was Thursday and we have a thousand things to do, but it was also my first baby's birthday. A creative mom got to do what a creative mom does:

1. The previous day afternoon, double parked and ran in the rain to Secret Recipe (for us, no other bakery beat them), got a cake (still wishing that I booked earlier so got some nice decoration or pics 'printed' on it), ran to the office and hide it in the fridge in the pantry. Everything was done while wondering "How do I decorate it?"

2. Sent the other two girls to babysitters', Bea1 to preschool, ran to the office to settle something while hubby had breakfast. Got the cake and still wondering "how do I decorate?".

3. Went to Bea1's school, suddenly ideas pouring in but with just only 4 hours of sleep the night before, sticking those tiny candy at the side of the cake was painstaking and I had little patience. Hands were trembling! All done on the kids' shoes rack.


4. Brought in the cake, Bea1 was already seated at the chair by the teachers while her friends were eagerly waiting in front of her.

She was delighted and a birthday girl knew just what to do.


5. A few more snaps (thank God hubby was there), thanked the teachers, kisses to birthday girl and off we went to other chores!
In the car, relieved that one thing was over, I just could not help it. Just feeling proud of myself as the cake looked so nice, especially with the candles. I knew it, I work best under pressure!


Just received words from the Dean asking why no papers (of research) yet. Started to feel the pressure. It's time to have real work done and yes, I know that I work best under pressure;)

Monday, January 23, 2006

See what Ungku Aziz got to say about heavy metal music

Calling out all fellow ex-headbangers!

Based on my limited exposure to this blogging world, I've known two of them.

Simon shows that he is one
here and
here and he wrote this in one of his comments:

"metallica? sepultura? wow, you're my new best friend, minah rocker!!! "

The other one is akutakretickpomputeh who asked if I still got Sepultura's "Beneath the Remains" with me.

I don't keep paper cutting, unless off course if it is really important. I've been keeping it for 7 years, and didn't know that one day it would be my blog material.


While his view on the Malay issues is always interesting (you can read here if you have good eyes;)), the last sentence made my jaws dropped

ungku (1)

Luckily, in 1999 my mum had stopped nagging me on the loud music (but not my brothers hehe...). Or else I'd show her this article to justify my doing;).

I hope it is not against blogging 'ethic' to invite the two bloggers to read this, and it is a pleasure to share it with others, too.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

This day, 5 years ago.... father came in my nicely decorated room and asked me if I was really sure that I want this J guy to be my husband. I just grinned "So, what are all this about...I mean the kenduri, bilik pengantin, the red inai on my fingers etc?". Off he went to the mosque, where my nervous fiance, imam and a few others waiting, and a marriage was solemnised.

ungku (2)

No, is not going to be a mushy material from mama23beas. What I really wanted to write was how after 'knowing' each other for a long time, things between us only clicked much later.

Before I was 'introduced' again to him by a mutual friend, to me he was just a familiar face. I wouldn't be the first one to say hi if we bump into each other.

We found out later that:

1. Some 14 years ago, we were in the same class. He said he knew where I used to sit. But as for me, I didn't know it, rarely put my eyes at the back of the lab where a bunch of smelly, noisy boys had concurred.

2. He scoured through old photographs and found one that showed a group of students doing a geological fieldtrip, I laughed when I saw I actually was sitting quite close behind him. But we never spoke to each other.

3. Maybe 2 years after that, I remember that once I saw him sitting at a bench at the faculty's foyer, smartly dressed. He was alone and smiled at me. I smiled back. That was all. No spark, nothing!

Later he said he just came back from some interview and waiting for a friend to fetch him....totally broke, didn't even own a kapcai...hehe.

4. 2-3 years after that, we were at a friend's wedding. While I was joking to my friends that I was desperate and asked them to find me a boyfriend, he was sitting at the end of the long table. I didn't notice him and we could have been in a same photo again as he joined the photo taking session. But I never had a chance to ask my friend about it.

5. About 7 years ago, I was waiting for my car service at Glenmarie when I saw him walked to the counter. My thought was "Think I know this guy". He looked tired but was surprised to see me. He said hi, we chatted a bit. I was happy that at least I had company. But he just didn't seem to be interested to talk, and soon dozed off in a chair. I felt a bit annoyed and asked myself "Am I that ugly?" while staring at him.
Little did I know that one day I would feel annoyed seeing the same guy snoring in the labour room while I was having contraction to give birth to our 3rd baby.

He explained later, he has been working hard and almost pengsan!

A few months later, a friend who thought his two single friends were just so pathetic and planned to play cupid. He didn't have to work any harder.
I was without my car, but just could not miss a concert. Trying to get a transport (and an escort was a bonus!) I asked my 'new friend' if he was interested on Deep Purple concert. He was. And things started to tick.

We talked after the concert, a long almost non-stop 26 hours talk. Two hours before saying goodbye, he jokingly said he would 'masuk meminang' if I liked the idea. I took it seriously (no, no...I was not desperate, he really is a great guy!).
I made him some tuna sandwiches and fruit salad and he bought me a ring.

We were acting only in the photo, I've been wearing the ring since I got it from the jewellery shop. Don't have to twitch your eyes to look at the stone. It is small, as that time didn't know how to demand yet. My husband is a lucky man.
I thought before embarking on a serious relationship, I must take my time to get to know the man. That was a common advice that I received, and also that I'm telling other people. But my case is exceptional;).

I read Simon's Searching for your soulmate again. Think I found mine without even searching, and at the time that I was not prepared. I was pursuing a Masters degree with a plan to continue with a Phd, a serious relationship was the last thing in my mind.

But 5 years, 3 kids and a completed PhD;).... I keep on counting my blessings.
Better get out of here before getting too sentimental!

By the way, I hate to have the red 'inai' on my nails but I was forced to do it *sigh*

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Un-themed tag

Lil welcomes me back to the blogging loop after my absense with this tag. Saw Simon did it, went to his blog to look for the theme, he also does not have it.

Anyway, here goes....

The last five person who join in the tag.

1. Alex Allied
2. Zara’s mom
3. Yvy
4. Simplyhantam (King’s wife)
5. 5xmom

What were you doing 10 years ago?
In the U, studying geology, spending the weekends either at ROTU's training or some underground heavy metal gigs in KL

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Finding ways to do geology more (was applying for a lecturer post)
Worrying about very low breast milk supply, it turned out that, that one moment of intimacy (without protection as to make up after a fight) with hubby a few weeks before brought some surprises. A new baby. Pregnancy hormones decrease breast milk production.
Was contemplating to start my own blog!

5 snacks you enjoy
Cheese slices, chocolate, fruits, cookies and kerepek

5 songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now
Kids songs do not count here:
1. Pretty (Destiny's Child..hope i got it right!)
2. Runaway Train (can't remember the band!)
3. Can't remember the title but it is a remake by Pearl jam (if I'm not mistaken)...the chorus goes "Oh where, oh where can my baby be...the Lord took her away from me..." It still bring tears to my eyes, sedeyyy!
4. You are one in a million (Guns n'Roses) it is so short
5. Fire (Desiree and what's the guy's name again?) Such a sexy song!
That's course I have a lot of bits here and there from Sepultura, Metallica, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Sodom, Pearl jam, Soul Asylum...all rojak. Aiyah, whatever happen to me. I thought I would 'die' with them!

5 things you would do if you were a millionaire
1. Be grateful that I have money to bring my whole family together to international conferences
2. Buy more books
3. Buy more toys (for the kids)
4. Donate
5. Try to live the same way as before as I think my life now is pretty good.

5 bad habits
1. Help hubby digging his nose during traffic jam
2. Being impatient when I'm put on hold during phone calls
3. Let the students wait for classes
4. Too embarassed to admit
5. Same as above

5 things you like doing
1. Being with the kids
2. Being in hubby's arms
3. I mean I love doing my research
4. Dreaming about turning the apartment into an Ikea showroom
5. Balik kampung

5 things you would never wear, buy or get new again
1. Bell bottom
2. Fake eye lashes
3. Cheap but cute sandals from Vincci (I fell while holding Beanisha, and it was spoilt only after 2 weeks)
That's all I can think of now.

5 favourite toys
I play with the girls' toys and they have a lot. Well I don't know if I can call a geological hammer a toy...ok lah, I don't have toys!

Tag 5 more persons
I'm not good at it as usual. So anyone just do it and let me know, ok!

Meme: 5 Childhood Memories That Relate To Food

I've been tagged by Ai Lian of Tips and Tricks of Happy Parenting like 3 months ago and now only I have all 5 that I'd just love to blog.

Ok, now for my 5 childhood memories related to food.

1. Mom's Nasi Lemak
My parents own a small "kedai kopi" just in front of out home. Mom makes the 'bestest' nasi lemak in the world. The smell was so nice, I just loved to breath in the smell in the cold of the morning before getting off to school. Not like most nasi lemak in KL which has the anchovies separated from the sambal, mom's cooked them together, the rice was just at the right texture and packed in banana leaves. It was everyone's favourite, even my friends and teachers in school. I used to carry up to 30 packs per day to school and made mom happy when I gave her about RM10 that I got (it was 30 sen per pack). Love to see her smiling though my hands always got hurt of carrying them.

2. Mom's Nasi Berlauk
That's what Kelantanese call rice that is normally selled for breakfast. It is either with Kari Tenggiri, or chicken. The sambal that comes with it is just heavenly, everyone agree including her youngest son-in-law (my hubby..hehe). and dad are still operating the kedai. Interested? Just contact me..hehe!

3. Late Grandma's Fried Squid
The best I'd ever tasted and no one makes the same. Grandma passed away when I was 9 but I still remember vividly how my brothers and sisters enjoyed the food so much. It was a must during trips to beaches. I remember eating while sitting on rocks in Bukit Keluang, then washed the oil on the plate away with the sea water (that was then ok, I would not do it after knowing pollution that I had made!)

4. Mee Meli
Meli is short name for Ramli. A restaurant that specialise in fried mee just a few kilometers from Machang. When father announced that it was Mee Meli Night, all of us would wait eagerly for it. RM5 could feed 5-6 ravenous mouths. It was really famous, then with people from all over Kelantan crowded that place. Now, no more as it was taken over by the sons. By the way, I think it is common right? The newer generation does not have the similar "touch".

5. Gulalei
I know a lot of you would go..."What the heck is that". It is Kelantanese for cotton candy. Late Grandpa had a machine to make that stuff. Can you imagine, we have that machine. Isn't it just great, having able to get it anytime we wanted. I love observing how it was made. Sugar mixed with colouring, normally red, placed in a container in that machine. It has small holes all over it. It was rotated when swithced on, after a few minutes, pink cotton emerged from the holes and we just picked it up!
The machine is still there in the house that my oldest sister and her family occupy. But it is not being used for a looooong time.

Thanks Ai Lian for bringing back memories!

Ok, time to tag 5 other people. I will take forever to think of any 5 and I really have to go now. Saw Lilian did it and a few other, love reading them, so anyone feel like doing it, please let me know.

Friday, January 13, 2006

This day, 2 years ago....

Beatrisya&Beasyara Beasyara was born. I planned to have her carefully, choosing to have her birthday in January, the same month as her big sister's and papa's, and also our wedding anniversary. Why? One of the reasons is because after being married to hubby, I knew he is just helpless in remembering dates. The other reason is easier for me to plan everything in one go...hehe!

She came right on the dot, and I just feel blessed.

She is persistent, just like me.
She is also a chatterbox, just like me.
Her singing always brings a smile on papa's face. And when he smiles, he got those lines at the corner of his eyes...and I just love that!
And she is Bea1's best buddy!

She "followed" me to some caves in Gunung Buda in Sarawak when she was 5 months in-utero. And become the youngest baby in caving expedition, according to one of the cavers;).

I love my Beasyara. I kept thanking Allah over and over the first time I saw her, even when I was wheeled out of the labour room, for giving me such a lovely baby.

Nothing big, there will a cake to celebrate tonight, and a small cute bag as a gift (so that she stops fighting with Bea1;))

Friday, January 06, 2006

I suck, too!

As if my prediction about the family would get sick every 4-6 months is true, some bugs entered our system in December. Just when we were eager to go on a long-awaited trip to Penang.

Luckily, this episode was a mild one. Hubby complained besides running nose, he had also a fever, but the thermometer kept telling vice versa. Another plot to act extra babyish, I guess. Bea1 had a temperature on the morning of the day we left but it was all gone in the afternoon, when we reached Penang.

Thought we were ok when suddenly I saw traces of phlegm in Bea3's milk puke! I freaked out, I'm a third time mom but I never had a sick two-month-old before!

The next morning, I was alone with the girls when Bea3 really showed the blocked nose was irritating her. All I knew, I must get into action fast. It was such a pitiful sight.

Nasal aspirator would do the job, I thought. Hubby bought one when we brought Bea1 home for the first time. We used it twice but it never really worked. Bea1 was ok after a dose of nasal decongestant drops that was prescribed by her peadiatrician.

But Bea3 needed to be relieved right away!

The nasal aspirator comes in 3 parts, a soft silicone tiny part that is supposed to be inserted into baby's nostril, a red thing like bicycle horn that we press to get the suction and a hard plastic, sort of a funnel that connects both of them.

All I could remember, the horn was among the girls toys in the store room in one of the 3 huge toy containers. Well, the tiny silicone thing is again tiny and I didn't know where it was. All I got was:


What would I do with only that. Then, I remember something that I read from James's blog. He and wife sucked with their mouth.

But those nose and mouth are so tiny, and I have such a big, I mean huge mouth. What if the poor baby get suffocated in the process.

But she just got to be relieved, a mother just had to do the rescue. I held her head to keep steady, and instinctly insert the top part of that thing in one nostril and sucked from the hole at the bottom.

"Slurrrrrrrrrp" yeah...I made that sound, too! Wah...not bad, could see it and it was green. Spit it on a diaper cloth. "Slurrrrrrrp" on the other, also not bad!

But poor baby was still rubbing her hands on the nose.

I got down again but this time, "SLURP" in one powerful suck! Wow...that thing really worked. Half the funnel was filled with that stuff.

And my baby was back to her angelic self again, it was like a victory to me. I kept the cloth to show to hubby, and I really felt good about it.

Went to see a doctor the next day. Not the girls' regular peaditrician but one in a teaching hospital very near my office. I was stunned when she did not prescrib anything. I even asked if she was sure about that, she just asked me to keep on sucking and return if Bea3 got a fever and had problem breathing. If it was virus, it would take some time to clear.

Think she sensed my hesitation to move my butt unless she gave us something, she just prescribed normal saline solution to clean the nose.

Anyway, though this episode is a mild one, it is also a long one,. Think I also have eaten some bugs *sniff, sniff*!

So, for those who have similar aspirator and it just does not work, I hope my idea helps a bit here. Though I would never see Mamee Slrrrp and that Mawi guy the same way again. And yes, it is salty!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's good to be back...

I start off by thanking Lilian, Ninuk and
domesticgoddess for commenting on the post about confinement. To Ninuk and DG, I will write more on how hubby takes the whole confinement thingy, and whether it is worth to get the pre-pregnancy waistline back;).

Thanks too to Adam, a&a's mom lrong,
Mr Buaya and Mrs B for the wishes!

For almost two months, I was a stay at home mom of 3 kids under 4 years old. Tough but manageable, all 4 of us are just fine though there were moments when I just wanted to bang my head on the wall. Some developments milestone have been achived:

1. Bea1 is potty-trained...finally!
2. Bea2 is under art-attack, too...I'm busy snapping photos of the walls and the sofa.
3. Bea3 smiles and laughs a lot, and as if she understands that mama's hands are full, just being angelic!
4. And me...finally i realised why kids love the Wiggles...those guys are just exciting...I have "hot potato" in my head now! And those recipes from "bite Size" are not bad at all!

And those journals that I planned to read stayed where they were almost 3 months the car! Where got time to read, but I managed to finish Dan Brown's the Da Vinci least that makes me less of being "bawah tempurung"!

Will write more soon