Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bringing 3 to the pool

A friend told me that she used to enjoy some time in the water at her condo swimming pool when she only had one kid, but stopped going (alone) right after the birth of her second. So she asked how I manage to bring all 3 (that time, Adel not around yet)

Well, as the number of kids advances, a mother would also be evolved to accomodate the need to care for more kids. For example, just after the birth of the first one, think a mother's hearing capability would kind of resembles a dog's. With two kids, I imagine a mom should 'grow' additional two eyes at the back of the head. Of course they are hidden behind the hair a little, but good enough to know what happens at her back. By 3 kids, a mother's sight is equevalent to an eagle's. By 4, she would grow another pair of arms... almost like an octopus, but she would only use them only with the kids. People would not see the extra arms, as who would want to look like an octopus. By 5...ok, I'm not equipped to go ahead with this, got no experience.

Actually, that sort of answer is only given to some very good friends that do not mind being teased when they complain of being tired of having two, when seeing me run after 4.

Ok, back to the pool. I used to think that we would not be able to enjoy the pool much as when we moved in the new place, we already had 3. Remember, Bea3 is a very, very surprise baby! That time, I even thought that bringing 2 was also out of the question.

But who can resist the temptation, I explain with the help of the skecth. First, I made the bigger two to promise that we would always stick together, meaning no one should be out of mama's sight. And I mentioned over and over big pool was only for big people. That done, I buckled the wee one on the stroller. Normally I sat at the bench (green circle) while monitoring the two. In the morning, it is just nice because the place is well-shaded. That went well for a while until the wee one was no longer that wee, and wiggled her way out of the stroller to join the swimming party.

Ok, rightie...mama has to be in the water, too, I thought. We had fun and mama had to shift the bottom of her pants up a little to run after the little one. We kind of settled with that until the big one saw some other (not-so-big) kids playing at the far end of the big pool. She whined, she persuaded, she begged...and mama gave in *sigh*

See another little circle on top, that's where I stay when kids play there, ever ready to jump in if thing does not look good. Of course, with a lot of noise I told them over and over that they just stay away from the other side. They enjoy being there as there are just more water there. Here, I stressed that we should always be in the group.

And, see the playground. When they decide to switch to it, I would yell to everybody to switch and I stay at the pink circle but of course I also move around that area, depending on what they want to play with. But after a while, they (or one or two of them) must do pool-playground-pool-playground intermittently. When this happens, I stood at the spot where the purple circle is, normally wishing I have a bird's view sight. Anyway, the trees are the thin types, I can see the playground all right.

The talk about how dangerous water can be is played on the kids over and over, right after we go out the apartment, walk to the lift all the way to the pool with some threats to those who do not listen. Alhamdulillah, so far so good with 3.

I have been inviting moms over with their kids for the pool fun. I just love it as of course moms need to have adults talk too and catch up. More adults means more security, that's what I thought.

But in one incidence, there were 3 moms, 6 kids and one big auntie of one of the kids. 3 moms syiok talking, a lot to tell I tell you, maklum la long time no see each other, while watching the kids of course. Suddenly we heard a little cough, the next thing was we saw a security guard pulling up one of the kids from the big pool. Well he (that means not mine, as Adel was home with papa, and never been introduced to the water yet;)) did drink a bit of water.

The mom gave one look at the auntie, who according to her was supposed to look after him. The auntie on the other hand thought the mom did that as she was swimming towards to the other side. The boy was alright, but it was embarassing. That means, we just have to be careful, things happen.

Now, I never attempt to bring all 4 despite the plea from the bigger two. The only time is when papa is around, we leave baby to papa then only we can go. But on last Sunday, a friend came with 2 kids. I was comfortable having Adel on the stroller while talking to my friend, and of course with the eyes fixed on the water babes, all the time!

There, another experience of parenting, mama23beas' style;).

Monday, April 14, 2008

More on alpokat

I have more to write about the trips to Sumatera, but I'd rather blog about the fruit first since a few people asked about it.

The reason why I never bought avocados here (those from Oz and NZ) was because they are just too expensive and I just didn't know how to eat it. Not very keen to it it on its own. I know Mexican use it a lot but I never try making Mexican food;). Later I read people use it in sandwitches but I never tried it.

Well, I finally brought home some in the second trip and managed to take pics and made my own juice or I'd rather call it puree. I'm not sure of the exact recipe they use in Sumatera but I just gathered for the juice milk and chocolate syrup are sufficient. I just scooped the ripe flesh of the alpokat and blend it with milk. I twirl some choc syrup (I use Hershey's) on the inside wall of the glass and pour in the mix.

Anyway, I love eating the fruit without being pureed, I just scoop the flesh and have it with choc syrup again and cold milk. If you prefer to have this in Indonesia, make sure you mention that you want it to be scooped (or the word is 'kerok';)), or you will get it blended. Over there I always saw that they serve it with ice.
I also tried it with Milo sprinkled on top;). Think alpokat and chocolate is just a good combination!

Not having a bibik that I can send home balik kampung and return with kilos of the fruit, I'd finally given in to the temptation. I just needed to have my fix one day last week that I just bought the more expensive ones, RM4.90 per piece.
I was just wondering why we don't have them imported from Indonesia, but was just so surprise to find them in a supermarket near home a few days ago. The same place I bought avocados the first time. I was delighted. It was RM3 per piece, can get almost 2 kilos in Indonesia;).

Comparing both, I agree with Lyza that the one from our nearer neighbour tastes better. Read more about alpokat wikipedia .

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Well, they are donuts!"

That's all that hubby muttered when I was eagerly waiting for his comment on my new yummy discovery, Big Apple donuts.

Thanks to bluewonder for her review. I bought a box yesterday to share with the family and one to wallop right away. Upon the first bite, I bid farewell to Dunkin D right away!

Anyway, I got better comments from the girls.

And surprisingly, hubby brought home another box today;).

Want some?