Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something to boost my motivation a bit!

I had a lunchbreak with a few ex-classmates today. They brought their colleague who is considering to do a Masters under my supervision for some discussion. We talked about old times and laughed a lot, something I rarely do now.

I could not help it but to share with them my experience as an educator now and compared to what we had during our days. It was just great, but later I returned to my work and resumed marking students test sheets.

I felt like crying sometimes, other times I laughed out loud at their craps! I took time to really consider if some deserve some marks. I got down to the level of no matter about their understanding of the subject, as long as they have the same words from the powerpoint slides...that's good enough! I heard teachers do that in primary school...I mean not from powerpoint but they use certain 'keywords' for certain subjects. The creavity of the way the students think or even answers in their own words are not considered.

Anyway, I finished marking already. My motivation is low and I need something before I kick off again.

During my conversation with my friends, I shared with them something that happened during my presentation for my PhD. We do that besides the viva.

The viva and presentation were almost only for formality as we already received reports from all the examiners that already awarded me the PhD with minimal corrections. Just after I finished answering questions from the floor, people stood up and applauded and began to congratulate me. It was just great (think I'm going to cry now...funny I didn't do it then!).

One of the lady lecturers (now colleague) announced that I was the FIRST female who ever finished a PhD in this department. An at the moment I'm the ONLY one, I think (must look at the statistic again to confirm)! Besides a few before my time, we had one candidate but she didn't finish and had to start a new project due to some reasons. One colleague is still working at it now, and we also have one foreign candidate at the moment. Two other lady lecturers obtained their PhD in the UK.

The announcement kind of surprised other people in the hall, there was a pause and later some nodded in agreement. They went "Ya la...woww!". I hanya mampu tersengih like kerang busuk;).

Well again, I'm the ONLY female that obtained a PhD in all 53 years in the history of the department. Well I do not intend to be the only one for long...I must push those who are still working on it to finish fast.

Now I'm wondering ....er don't they give out award for such achievement. Ok better don't dream, got to get back to work!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some updates on the wee one and new PAX in the living

During my last check-up with the gynea two weeks ago, the doc said he would not worry about the kidney unless the size was more than 10 mm. Previous scan showed 3.6 on the right and 5.6 left. So what the doc said was already a relief to me.

And today, the scan showed the leftie shrunk to 4.7. So that's normal. Alhamdulillah. And everything else looks good, he (YES....we saw it again, confirmed hehe) weighs 990 g. A thorough scan again by the sonographer. Can even see a magnified image of the heart, can clearly see the 4 chambers pumping blood. Amazing!

With a broad smile, I rushed back home as two guys from Ikea were at my door already. Hubby agreed to only 1/2 of my idea of getting a new wardrobe, only those to be fixed in the living not bedroom. I bought two 50cm PAX wardrobe on Friday, had them delivered in the evening but was told by the management that they would not allow any works after 5 pm. I was a bit mad, I understand that applies only for renovation. I mean "How loud can fixing some PAX can be?". Anyway, agreed to have them done today.

I always love the idea of both me and hubby sweating over fixing Ikea stuffs together BUT he is not really keen doing it with 4 little 'helpers'. Well he also has a number of other excuses. So, I opt for assembly by those guys all the time, and do it without the kids around.

I fell in love with a combination of Expedit and PAX (with Drammen door) that I saw at the showroom and planned to have it at home too. We already have Expedit TV stand.

Here's some ideas to Ikea fans out there. I have Antonius wire baskets (10 units) on the frames, which are still functional. However Antonius is supposed to be hidden;), and I figured out that 50cm PAX is just right. So, here's the pics:
Sorry about the mess first, will sort it out later. I got the heavily-discounted-but-still-look-brand-new Drammen doors from the As Is.

The right one is strictly for hanging clothes, I have two railings in there. The left one is for hiding the Antonius

Antonius is ok for storage but it can't really stand too much weight. Our tall frame got wobbly after some time and I began to hate it. But I didn't know that with the hinges on the PAX (that I overlooked when I measured to see if Antonius can fit in it), I have a really tight fit that there is no room for them to wobble...hehe. That's a bonus I got today. They are a lot cheaper compared to wooden Komplement drawer or even the wire basket.

I also wanted to hide a pipe meant for aircond installation. Thought of assembling the PAX without the back panel. One of the guys said it can be dangerous as the PAX won't be stabil, but he suggested to make a hole for the pipe. Nice!

That's some of our clothes in the living. The Antonius is for occasionally changed/used stuffs like cussion covers, bedsheets and towels or things for guests. Anyway, with the door I really don't mind that. We are trying to have more space in our master bedroom now as we, the parents (and the little boy...yes we've been sleeping in the girls' room, pathetic isn't?) are slowly moving in there. There won't be any more space for even a tiny baby in girls' room when he arrives.

I purposely don't fix handles as to avoid tiny hands to open and close the doors frequently. We will see if the wardrobe need anti-topple fittings and I will also finish them off with two child door locks, and finally add some lightings. Dunno when that's (esp. the lighting) going to happen but first I got to get back to the office and later fetch the kids!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

When he is not around

It's a beautiful saturday morning for us. I just love having the morning sun shine in our bedroom through the bay windows. It rejuvenates me, especially with Abba songs in the background. A good time to write a post while the kids are glued to Mamma Mia movie for the 1456th time;).

My man has been away for almost two week. He boarded a plane with an open return ticket...no date was fixed for his return. When he is away, the biggest challenges I have to deal with are missing him, and off course without a live-in helper, managing the kids on my own.

I used to sulk, cry, beg for him to think of ways to escape from doing the trips. And finally I let go. This time around, I just let him go...and constantly pray that he'd be back safely in our arms again.

He's been moving from place to place in Sabah and Sarawak. He said he'd send a postcard from each place. I thought it was amusing first, later I realised he got that idea from Benjamin Button and thought he was just joking. Was surprised to see one in the mailbox. It was addressed to Bea1 not to me. But I laughed at that anyway.

Weekdays are not so bad, though I get all sweaty in the morning to get all 4 ready to leave the house. Dinners are always simple. No pounding for sambal belacan, all is done within 15 minutes. It could be fried meehoon (which is always too bland to hubby), simple pasta with cream-based sauce (that he does not like) or when mama is just too lazy, rice and telur goreng with some vege. Luckily my kids wallop everything.

Weekend is a lot more challenging. Mama is always bored, the kids are even more. It's impossible to have outing to malls. When I think I can manage, I invited guests (with kids) over. But last weekend I thought the apartment was too messy to have that. We stayed in whole day on Saturday.

I baked Jamie Oliver's roast chicken again. A bit dry this time, maybe cause I forgot to lower the temp. of the oven and had it cook longer. Or due to the relatively skinny organic chicken I used. Anyway, kids just love it. Thought it would last till dinner, but they asked to have the rest of the leftover for afternoon 'snack'.

I kept myself busy when the little ones nap. I reorganise the wardrobe. I put away clothes that are no longer or very occasinally used. I can't believe how much 'junk' we have, considering I don't shop that much, I think. The clothes were all pushed under a bed.

I no longer like the Ikea Antonius system that I thought a good (and cheap) idea. I dissembled it, and will persuade hubby to fix it at the yard. He always hate it when I keep changing my mind. That gives us more space for new wardrobe...yet another trip to Ikea waiting;).

We went to the pool on Sunday morning. I just love the pool. In the morning it is partly shaded, just at the right spot where the benches are. Not many families with small kids here, we have mostly bachelors and students, who are mostly in bed due to clubbing or partying the night before. So most of the time we occupy the whole pool area.

A pool fun for kids means tiring time for me, I have to run after them and be very watchful as the adults pool just besides it. Plus making sure that everyone has their hair washed after that. Bea3 and Adel still hate hair-washing.

But when they behave, it is just relaxing to hear the laughs of my girls splashing water and pretending to be mermaids. Or watching Adel pouring water, and being occupied 'experimenting' with it. All in the comfort of the shade under the trees while having bright sun all over.

In the afternoon we squeezed in some time to go the a park nearby. I let them let off pent-up energy there. Later we had dinner at the A&W nearby, while mama thought she should have bought two birds of chick instead of one that day.

Last weekend went quite well, but later a busy week for me, two-day conference in KL and a day-trip to Ipoh but everything went smoothly. Bea1 had tests for both school and KAFA. Being the first time, I took that easy and didn't even ask her to revise.

I was nervous about this weekend though. Parents-in-law came on Thursday and stayed for one night. Mom-in-law asked us to spend the long weekend at the kampung, but I'd rather stay in.

We didn't receive any more postcards. Hubby says besides KK, the other places in Sabah does not have their own. So he won't be sending cards with a pic of Mount Kinabalu again and again;).

Anyway, he just confirmed that he'll be fyling back tonight...yay! Can't wait...but we still have long hours to go. I will get myself busy after lunch...but first we head off to the pool again!