Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tiny pieces of glass everywhere

Pics first:

I'd been sick and busy, and I've been missing my blog already.
This should go first. Yesterday at around 6 am, we were rudely awakened by a loud sound, I thought I heard something like a bang. The first thing in my mind was, someone broke into our apartment. Later I heard sounds like water dripping, thought the ceiling in the bathroom just crashed down, and finally I thought it could be the wall shelf in the kitchen.
I ran out of the bedroom, I felt something pricking my sole and there was my beloved dining table, the top was shattered in thousands pieces, and bit by bit fell on the floor, sending pieces everywhere.
I'm still puzzled. We had it for 6 years. By the way, it was an Ikea, Moment is the name. But I could not find the pic from the website. Okay, I understand there might be a point of weakness after wear and tear, but what really triggered it to be shattered when everyone was asleep at 6 am in the morning. And I'd been really careful when putting hot food on it, always with something underneath to protect the top. And to think that once I saw a staff of Ikea banging on their tampered glass dining table top to show how strong it was, with a hammer. And now, our top just shattered like that.
Earlier during dinner, only the two girls used it, eating their cooled chicken soup in their plastic bowls. I woke up at 2.30 am, and wiped the top, drank some water from a plastic tumbler that I placed on it before returning to bed. I didn't notice any unusual, a crack or something. And I'm pretty sure I was wide awake and alert when wiping it.
On the table, there were a wall clock, another dead table clock (it's the easiest to look at the time from there during morning rush hour;)), two bottles of mineral water (500 ml, and 1.5 l half-filled), two bottle of McCormick herbs, 3 bananas and at the end the girls backpack from the babysitter's.
Under it, two boxes that had been there for months, and a spoiled TV that hubby put there for a week and it was never switched on.
I'm a bit heart-broken now that we don't have a dining table, besides I really love it. I love glass as it is easiest to clean, and I trust them when they say it is tampered but now I'm a bit sceptical to get another one. Anyway there are always things to be grateful. It didn't happen when the girls use it, and luckily I woke up first. It is normal that Bea2 and Bea3 would look for me in the other room in the wee hours, and I leave both doors open. They might step on the glasses.
It so happen mom-in-law was here yesterday, she cleaned the mess but still last night we still found pieces here and there.
Without a warranty, of course I can't even dream of getting a replacement but I'm making a report, anyway. To me it is just dangerous to know that their so-called tampered glass can shatter like that, as in this case without a warning.
Now, time to start looking for a new dining table!
Update on Monday:
On Thursday, I ran to Ikea to quickly browsed through for a new table, also to make a report. Found out that Moment has been discontinued, so hubby's idea to try getting the only new top is out. He also suggested to modify a kitchen countertop as a new top, I don't really trust him on his DIY skill. Plus we are also considering a round table now, as we believe it will gives us more space and will look better in the apartment.
I was not really happy only writing a report in a form, as I didn't attach any pic. So, in the office wrote an email to them. On Friday, I received two calls from them (and later another email), thanking me and an explanation on how tempered glass behaves, the way it shatters into tiny 'rounded' pieces but not with sharp edges. I do understand that, but Bea1 and hubby got some scratches also;). Anyway, they said they will get back to me on any updates.
Spent 4 hours again in Ikea while waiting for hubby's dentist appointment on saturday. One round table that we like is oversold pulak, back empty-handed but at least the girls were satisfied with ample time playing there.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two new and one not-so-new recipes

Weekday food is normally the same ole easy stuffs (or since the doc's advise to get a lot of rest now, pizza or McD deliveries...hehe). I dare not having food going down the drain after a hard and long day at work. Who would want it, anyway;). And weekend is the only time to try new recipes. One Friday afternoon many weeks ago, I browsed through some blogs while my mind was trying to figure out what to cook during the weekend. And thanks to these two of my favourite blogs, I came out with this...tada...Butter prawn from QOTH and some vege+mushroom dish from 5xmom that she got from zewt .

But still I had my eggs in tiny lumps form, not fibrous like the one I normally see. Would really appreciate it if someone can point out what went wrong. By the way it tasted better than the one I had in Lumut which also with the lumpy texture, and we spent RM40 for half a kilo. Mine cost me around RM20;)
And this is not a new recipe already. Been eating it since I got to know mother-in-law. And I eat it a lot more during this pregnancy. Sup Kepala Ikan Merah, it is.
I'm sure everyone knows how to cook it, but in case some of you are like me hehe. Saute garlic, ginger and fennel seeds. To get more flavour you may want to grind the fennel with pestle and mortar a bit, and to reduce the fish smell, add some pepper. Add water, and fish, salt and finally chopped spring onion and parsley...yumm.
The other two recipes are given in the links.

Friday, June 08, 2007

On and off board

While I was trying to get some sleep in the cabin, they announced that due to some technical prob. the 4 am flight would be at least 1 1/2 hours delayed. The good thing about being pregnant is, I have the effort to control myself from letting out profinities, knowing that the baby can hear now;)

It's Kota Kinabalu again for a conference and I'm alone this time, will be back in the evening. Anyway they gave us the transit pass to roam around, and thank God for this RM10 for 50 minutes access and Burger King cheeseburger. I would most probably miss the keynote paper that I'm so looking forward too. And I pray that I don't have to call the organisers to reschedule my presentation. Supposed to be the first one after the keynote paper, scheduled at 10 am.

I thought this could be an oppurtunity to let hubby knows what it is like handling 3 kids below 6. I asked him to take a leave, he did that but quietly asked parents-in-law to come. I just could not believe it. He sent me to the airport, I thought we should bring Bea3 but he refused. The girl was wide awake and upon seeing me getting dressed, she knew mama was not going to go bed in that blouse and demanded to follow.

She dosed off in her carseat beautifully after 15 minutes in the car. She looked so adorable. Hubby has some bussines with parents-in-law and the girls will stay with the babysitter for half a day.

I pray that everything will be just fine.

Oh great now they call us to board. Not very sure now if this RM10 for 50 min worth it but hope I can use it again before it expires.

I seriously hope I can get some sleep soon.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The meaning of the 3 Beas names

D returned my tag with this one.

Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid(s)'s name?Requirements: write about what or how or why you gave the name to your kids.Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.Tag Mode:1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by commenting in their blog or etc.
Msau The meaning of SQ and Kiki
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Judy Chow Terry
Shannon Rachel
Samm Gordon n Malcolm
Sasha lil J
mott 2 monkeys
Fatty Poh's Fatty Boy
D Abang Z, Abang H, Princess & Little D
mama23beas, the meaning of the 3 Beas names

I always love "Bea" but I never thought that we would name all 3 girls with that. Bea means "blessed". And fullname or without the "Bea", all girls' name have a meaning, from different origins though.

1. Bea1; fullname: brilliant, without the Bea: noble
2. Bea2: fullname: good news/omen, without the Bea: beauty
3. Bea3: fullname: good vision, without the Bea: night

If we want to continue with naming all girls with Bea, think we have run out of ideas. That's why I'm happy now we are having a boy, I'm happy with "Adam".

I know I'm not being a sport, but I just can't think of anyone to tag now. Anyone who love to do this, please let me know, ok;).