Friday, June 27, 2008

A liitle story and more pics

We spent the first night in the UK in Bristol and drove to the west the next day. Pics are not in particular order.

At the promenade in Aber.

Some geological students doing sedimentary logging at the promenade.

Clarach Bay on less windy day, carvan holiday park at the back.

My boy having a sad face, missing mama, maybe!

Cardiff Port, yup we did a bit of Cardiff on our way to Aber;).

Love the view all the way to the west, but the sight of my sleeping baby is still the best. Alhamdulillah, the rented carseats are comfortable for all of the kids, the price freaked mama a little though.

All green on the way to Aber.

Bea1 insisted to stop to look at some goose somewhere in Cardiff.

Aberystwyth, one of the first pics on arrival!

Got to go now, take care!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're in Aber!

Despite the super fast internet that we got in the rented flat, I just found it hard to be online.
Just a quick update, work in the lab is challenging but everything else is just great. While I do whatever that I need to do in the campus, the family just have fun without mama around. Here's some pics.

And yes, hubby decided to have all 4 with him when I'm at work and save the money for childcare.
That's all I can do at the moment, the kids are up and have to prepare for work.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Going places again!

On one cold winter evening in Bristol, Ian walked me to the flat, and 8 C was just too cold. It was almost time for my return, I missed home but hated to leave that wonderful place too.

But the thought about hubby (fiance, then) waiting for me to come back and marry him gave me some warmth. So, between shivers I told Ian I would definitely come back, with my family. I always imagined that the family is with a bunch of kids with very close age-gap.

And I never thought that's going to be so soon, in fact, if things go well, we all will be in Bristol in less than two weeks. Yes, the trip to UK is confirmed.

I thought I was just playing with the idea, and I don't really ponder much about it, I mean just like I don't really think that it is hard to have small kids while I continue doing what I love for work and passion. Instead, I just focussed on how blessed I am, given the chance to experience all that.

If I think that we really need the money for a down payment for a bigger house, the trip is impossible. But the apartment would still be ok for a while.

If I think that the money should go to the kids college funds, I could just pack my bag, leave the baby to the babysitter and the others to their father. But I would be miserable, I'm sure of that.

And the call for change of lifestyle after the fuel price hike did give me little doubt.
I could just forget all about it, leave all the work to my collaborator.

Will some walks down memory lane be worth it?

I want to go back to the cinema, where my roommate Tunde and I used to pass on our way to McD for parttime work. People said both are no longer there.

I will walk along the Queen's Road to the lab, passing the statue and the fountain (but I can't remember the name, I'm hopeless) from the guesthouse where I used to hang out.

I will pass the Christmas Steps while reminicsing(spelling?) the moments when myself, Tunde and another roommate Chris having our laughs over silly jokes on our way to Clifton for some shopping.

We will drive around the Mendips, where I had my first temperate caves experience. I was looking for limestone hills and holes, but was so surprised when the cavers showed me the cave entrance was near my feet.

I may visit Wells again. That's the huge cathedral, and the tour inside it was just amazing. That's when I first got interested on the history.

Well, Bristol is only a small part of it. The main thing is I will work in Aberystwyth, bringing with me samples from Sumatera and from home, to solve once and for all the questions about the origin of the volcanic ash found embedded with paleolithic stone tools in Kota Tampan, and all over peninsula. Ok, I better stop talking about it here;).

Yes, I didn't really think much. I'm just going to do it, flat in Aber is booked, car will be rented, flights tickets in the handbag. It is going to be challenging but there's just more of UK to be ventured!

Psst...if you notice in all the pics, I'm in the same sweater, well I didn't bring much with me, why? Because available weight went to the rock samples, I'm a geologist, remember? But luckily this time, they are all prepared in small blocks.

I was shown the flight seats plan, where we all be seated....I'm just nervous. It is 13 hours flight to London, and another 5 on the road to Aber. Wish us luck!