Friday, February 24, 2006

Some guys have all the luck

Hubby and I were lazing around last Sunday, watching some music video clips at @15. One showed a hunk, shirtless showing a well-developed physique. Having been married to dearest hubby for 6 years, I was expecting something from him.

Hubby: You know, I used to look like that...'bujang' time. That time, I always on the move, always got things to do!

(As for what he looks like right now, think he can easily qualify for da buaya's luge, Malaysian style)

Me: What about now?

Hubby: Now, I got a wife to do almost everything...hehe!

I've been running around a lot the last few days. In between classes, lab works, writing, I got to ferry Bea1 to school, express breastmilk, on and off to the new apartment, on and off to Ikea (with a very limited budget, I need more time to plan and decide). And hey, I got a blog to update, too;). And endless chores at home.

Thought that is enough till one morning on the way to work, hubby asked "Mama, kereta ni bila nak servis?"

And I thought anything to do with cars is man's bussines!

And at the servis center, people treating me like I know nothing about cars, except driving. That time when I drove 'potong', yes but now I'm learning.

And one was insensitive enough to ask, "Eh you kereta banyak baru tak minta orang angkat cuci ka?"

Anyway, just a post to release some tension. Not complaining about hubby, he has been wonderful, really!

Think I need another trip to Ikea tomorrow. And I'll be good on Monday!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

On having a surprise baby

Just like I didn't plan to get married at 28, it never occured to me that I am a mother of 3 at 33. But I did plan for the elder girls, carefully picked dates so that they were born in January.

One day about a year ago, I held the pregnancy test kit with trembling hands in the toilet in my office. It was very hard to compute that 2 lines means POSITIVE! With the other 2 girls, I shouted the good news from the bathroom in our apartment, continued with some hugs and kisses to hubby. The third time around, I was in my office toilet, and cried my heart out for whatever reasons that I can't remember now.

Now, whenever I see my baby, i have this undescribable (well I'm not good with words, anyway!) joy. She loves to fall asleep on my chest. One day, Bea1 was armed with a tube of toothpaste in her hands, Bea2 had a slab of butter in hers and together they were ready to turn the house (or the world) upside down. Insticntly, I would take actions, but I was just too comfortable having a sleeping baby on my chest, I needed a few more minutes of that.

And just like me I suppose, my baby loves morning sunshine.


Surprise or not, it does not matter now! I'm just feeling blessed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On being a geologist

One of my first memories that I have since I was a small kid is, people kept saying that I was such a bright child. I got that from parents and siblings, and my parents friends and neighbours. Along with it was, some proud words from my mom, especially that I would be a doctor, a medical doctor. I remember first, I got a bit confused, later I found out that I just hated that. It must be that 2 teeth that sprouted out from my lower gum since I was in mom's womb. Due to that, I was said to be 'bertuah', but why was I supposed to be a doctor, and not some pretty, hot chick that can hook a rich man as a husband;).

To make everyone happy, I thought I should study hard for that. But remember that time in primary school, in one sheet of paper that we supposed to write what our ambition was. I silently put "teacher" cause my father was a teacher and he is my role model.

And I was never bright and hardworking enough to be a doctor. But I love geology.

My mom would never understand it, instead of saving lives, why on earth (by the way, we study the earth;)) do I intentionally get myself dirty, collecting samples either under scortching hot sun or in some dark caves filled with guano.

Anyway, my father is cool about it. He even followed me to some trips.

Imagine once in a while, you get this as your 'office' or lab.

To me, I enjoy my all sponsored trips, and I got paid for that. Anyway, it is not much but we have comfortable life. And that is only one of many reasons.

That photo is of a depression or 'wang' in Gunung Rapat, taken from Kek Look Tong in Ipoh. I believe it looks better without all the man-made 'decoration'.

Do I ever regret for not working hard enough to be a medical doctor? It never occured to me until the first time I watch Dr House. I have this silly imagination, that he is the kind of doctor I'd love to be. But, too late already lah....

Anyway, to friends, I'm a doctor....Doktor Batu;).