Friday, December 22, 2006

Looking good

Though, the 2 lines on the pregnancy stick is enough to convince me that I'm carrying a new life in my womb, I would never be satisfied till I see the first scan. I love having the movement, kicks and summersaults that kind of reminds me that my new baby is always with me, especially sometimes I feel lonely or too occupied with work in my room in the office. But that normally occur from the 16th week onwards. At this moment, of course I would really want to see the fetus even when she/he is a small bud.

Even if this is my 10th baby, it would never fail to amaze me when I see for the first time the heartbeat, and at this stage we can see the head, even the development of the hands and feet. I asked my ob to stay a bit longer at the heartbeat, it was just amazing.

Hubby once annoyed me so much when he asked why I was so excited, when the pic of an ultrasound was just the same. And that was Bea2's first scan. Think men just don't get it. I gave him an earful lecture, a little pout and he didn't dare to say anything on the subsequent pics.

My ob was so surprised to see me, the same as the last 2 pregnancies. It is obvious to her that her suggestion to me to consider the various type of contraception does not work.

We could not help it, we just laughed throughout the meeting. I'm her regular, so we are quite comfortable with each other. I admitted that I'd love to have another baby next year but I hoped for an October baby, to get that 2 year gap with Bea3.

She jokingly said, all I did was only to have a thought of another baby and "Voila".

Everything looks good so far, Alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I had a conference in Langkawi without my voice

I attended a conference yesterday in Langkawi. My application was in very late, but I was so surprised that the organising committee managed to put my name and the abstract of my presentation in the programme booklet. I thought I didn't have the time to prepare. It is actually organised by one local and one Indonesian uni, to work on more collaborations. Since. I'm now studying volcanic ash that is believed to be originated from Toba, thought I just could not skip this one. It is a two-day event but I tried to make the most out of it in a day. Still reluctant to spend the night without my loved ones.

The night before that, I sensed my voice got a little bit husky. Oh, I'm getting a sorethroat, I thought. It didn't really dawn to me the seriousness of that situation until I woke up at 3.30 am, having trouble to go back to sleep and realised that I had lost my voice.

Tried to brush the worry aside, I watched "interview with the vampire" on Astro, wallop a pack of Maggi and two eggs. And as an early remedy, gulped some juice from tamarind paste.

While getting ready to go to the KL Sentral, hubby asked with a wide grin "How are you going to present your paper with that voice?" I said, I would think of something.

The plan was he dropped me at the station, he drove with the girls to the babysitter and fetch them after work. My next flight back was at 9.35 pm.

10.15 am, I arrived at the hotel and I was starving. With the recent fare inrease by Malaysian Airlines, I was silly to expect a little more goodies, we got served a tiny pack of peanuts. Even a cheap airline in the UK served me a bun on my way from Bristol to Budapest.

Passenger besides me asked "Kacang aje?". The stewardess replied "Ada jus oren".

Luckily, teatime at 10.30. I ate and mingled as much as I could.

11:00 am, back in the conference room, I smsed a friend "How to get rid of sorethroat and get my voice back fast?, I got a presentation to make" The reply "Lemon+honey+warm water...good luck".

Why I never thought of that, I'd been doing that but I know the result was never fast enough.

Anyway, went down the coffee house, and I got what I wanted.

Met more people, new and familiar faces. Ideas exchanged, opportunities of collaboration was discussed. And I was like whispering all the time. Ladies went "Ohhh, and ahhh" upon learning that I'm pregnant again and still maidless.

After lunch, drank the second dose of lemon+honey.

No improvement, and I started to ask for help. Asked someone to present for me, but he had to be at a different session. There are two parallel session.

Had no choice, I passed a note to the chairperson, asking him to annouce the little problem that I have. But told him, I would still do it.

I just prayed I would not make a myself look like Charlie Chaplin in his silent movie.

I started with "I apologise for my voice, or the lack of it...". Of course people laughed, but I hope it was an entertainment after being attentive the whole day. I was grateful that I prepared my slides with huge wordings, I let them read and I explained only a few points.

All went pretty well, I was then approached by one of the participants to discuss more about my work. He suggested that he may be able to contribute in some ways.

Then, I had about 3 hours to kill. In the surau, I smsed hubby and the friend a pantun:

2 dose lemon+honey
suara macam itik serati
tapi present kalah menteri
mission accomplished, finally

Then both of them called me, and we talked and laughed.

I then, went down to walk around a bit. The makan place is just too far, and I didn't wear the right shoes. So, I went in a few duty free shops. Tried to look for something for the girls, only interested on the chocolates but think the girls have been getting too much sweets lately.

Finally, I settled for this. It is pathetic, I know.

Walking back to the hotel, I just missed the family so much. I always love Langkawi, I breathed in the air. Most participants come with families but we had to let go this one, hubby finished his leave days mostly on my fieldtrip.

There was a dinner with the Menteri Besar that night, I figured if they were on time, I would have some time to eat, knowing that I would be getting peanuts in the flight.

While waiting for the VIPs, I managed to talk to another lady from a different uni. We've known each other for many years, she is like a guru to me. We almost jumped like little girls when I told her about the new pregnancy and my research grant. And she is a Datin, a lady geologist with 10 kids. I would never believe it that a geologist could manage to have 10 kids. But she is a proof.

And as always, this sort of majlis starts late. I said goodbye to everyone and was off to the airport. Touched down at KLIA at almost 11 pm, and met the family at 11.30. I was worried more about Bea3, but hubby said she was ok. Bea2 seemed to be the one who missed me more, she hugged and kissed me, streacthed her arms wide in her carseat to do it over and over.

It's just good to be home, and it didn't look any messier from the time I left.

I was pooped but managed to entertain Bea1 with her Peter and Jane, and the new pencil for 1/2 hour before I was completely knocked out. And yes, they love the pencils.

Think I did well, and I deserve a reward. Too much sweets is bad for the kids, but never the mother. So, this what I'd been hiding from them:

And look at the whole hazelnuts in the white chocolate...yummmeh!

Another long rambling post again *sigh*

Added: I would never finished, hehe. People came to the ballroom for the dinner all nice in batik, Malaysian and Indonesian batik. And I was still in the same blouse and pants. Love looking at the ibu-ibu, and I was called ibu many times too.
I was not really excited, so didn't bring the camera, so no pics, now regret a bit. Anyway, there is a strong possibility for a trip to Sumatera next year. I'll bring my family, no matter what;). Ok, I'm finally done...ciao!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Of InventQJaya and another version of curry

I'm just busy, at a very last minute my application to attend a conference in Langkawi on the 19th was just confirmed, and I need to submit at least an extended abstract tomorrow. Also received another letter, from my ex-boss, he is now a Deputy Vice Chancellor, asking for a full paper to be published in a book. This guy, I just can't say no to.

My brother-in-law is now undergoing bone marrow transplant, that means more visits to the hospital.

And Bea3 is not feeling well. That means less sleep for mama, too.

But I just need a break, I need to blog. But before that, I apologise for replying late some of the new comments/congratulatory notes in my previous posts.

Ok now, back to what I really want to write.

I was at a clinic, bringing Bea3 to a doctor this morning. Saw the Sun and the front page news was really disturbing to me.

I've been following, so this is the fate of one of the most ambitious research projects in our country. Read here if you are interested.
But I didn't find any coverage in the Star. Didn't know the Sun got online version. Been underestimating it.

But food would always cheer me up a bit.

The only curry that I cook all this while consists of halba campur (mix of fennels, halba, kas-kas), curry leaves, curry powder and coconut milk. My mom use different curry mix that she got in Kelantan. I heard of the one that don't have coconut milk but I have never tried.

And now, Lilian introduced curry with tomato puree.

I don't have specific craving, but during all pregnancies, I love everything tomato-based, especially the pasta.

Was so eager to cook it, but since I'd been running around I just could not get hold of curry leaves. Either kedai tutup, or dah habis. Next time we got back to our old place, I will force hubby to bring the tiny curry tree home.

It's been weeks, and yesterday the babysitter handed me some. A pregnant woman's wish can't be taken lightly. I just love her!

Hubby worked late, and it was late. I pujuk Bea1 that I didn't need her 'help' in the kitchen and parked all 3 girls in front of Playhousedisney.

But instead of beef, I cooked chicken as the man in the house does not eat beef. It has cow's smell, that the reason! What does he expect *roll eyes*.

I got to do it very fast before Bea3 started to get bored. I only have halba campur. It was tedious to separate the halba, and since hubby does not like too much kak-kas in his curry, I had to get most of the tiny weeny seeds out too. I also have only half can of puree as I had used half for a pasta sauce last week.

I did it finally, without much chaos. Fetched hubby from the office, a stop at the hospital and finally I got to savour it. That's what I thought!

But nooooo...while feeding the girls, Bea3 was really not comfortable with her stuffy nose. Asked hubby to handle the elder ones and we went to the bedroom. I fall asleep with her. Urghhhh.

Woke up at 12 am and was just too sleepy to eat.

This morning, I found that hubby left the biggest piece of chicken for me. So sweet of him. Brought some to the office and while typing this, I'm having my brunch.

Asking his comment, hubby asked back "Laa...curry ke tu"
"Eh tak nampak ka daun curry? is tomato puree la, Lilian blogged it"

"No wonder tak de rasa curry sangat" He said. He is right, I may want to add more curry leaves, and think will omit the kas-kas altogether. It is too strong for my taste.

"And that kentang tak empuk lah", he has not finished.

"That's because you called for a ride home, remember?"

Sometimes this man is hard to please.

Anyway, try it if you think you may like it. Recipe can be found at the link above.
It just agrees with my tastebud, nice to eat with bread too. However, I have a strong feeling that beef would taste better. Will try that if I got more time to cook another dish for hubby.
A bit long winded, I know. That because I don't know when my next entry will be in!

Thanks again for reading;), and Lil thanks again for the recipe!

Now got to run to the babysitter's for Bea3 and Bea2 nen-nen fix!

Added: I just added the pic of the chocolate as I just hate seeing only words at the top of this entry. Saw it a few times but I was with the family. It is something that I don't want to share. Wicked mom, I am...hehe. Was at a pharmacy, getting medication for my BIL, saw this and grabbed it. Heard from the nurses, he is getting better after worrying high fever and infection 2 days ago. A bit relieved, think eating chocolate is just a good way to relax....yummeh!